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    19 Things For Anyone Who Celebrates Taco Tuesday Every Day


    1. The ultimate Taco Tuesday cookbook, with one recipe per week so you will never have to know the pain of being sans taco.

    2. Some classic taco seasoning, perfect for transforming any boring old tacos into #flavourtown.

    3. A four-pack of stainless steel taco holders, because we all know hardshell tacos are difficult to wrangle, and I just want your life to be easy.

    4. A super trendy taco-patterned fanny pack so you can let everyone know that you take Taco Tuesday (and fashion) very seriously.

    5. An indoor garden so you can grow your own cilantro, chili peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes — whether it's Cinco de Mayo or the depths of winter.

    6. This sturdy, hand-cast tortilla press, so the next time your friends compliment you on your excellent tacos, you can proudly announce, "They're homemade!" and it'll actually be true.

    7. A heavy-duty tortilla keeper to keep all those homemade tortillas warm and fresh.

    8. The cult favourite Instant Pot, perfect for nailing a good carne asada.

    9. The definitive collection of Dragons Love Tacos, which you can use to start your kiddos' #tacotuesday education early.

    10. A powerful citrus juicer, because everybody knows that no #tacotuesday is complete without guacamole, and maybe even ceviche. Juicing all those limes is hard work!

    11. A classic granite mortar and pestle, because anyone who knows anything about guacamole knows it just TASTES BETTER when it's done the right way. Yeah. I said it.

    12. A pair of #tacotuesday boxer briefs, perfect for articulating your love for tacos in a super classy and totally normal way.

    13. It might not be a palindrome but "tacodog" is still funny and adorable. And with this Halloween costume for your pup, you can finally announce proudly to the world: I LOVE TACOS AND I HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR.

    14. Imagine this: you're relaxing at home, taking a personal day — how will you showcase your profound love for tacos??? With these fuzzy Taco Tuesday slippers, that's how.

    15. Any true taco connoisseur in your life will appreciate this seven-pack hot sauce sampler kit, inspired by flavours and spices from around world. It's ideal for giving any type of taco a hearty kick of heat.

    16. And if you're more of a DIY-er, try this make-your-own hot sauce kit, perfect for customizing everything from heat to tang to sodium levels.

    17. A set of two salsa serving bowls, because double-dipping is only acceptable if no one is looking.

    18. This six-sided stainless steel grater, ideal for topping your favourite taco with a pile of gooey cheese. #GRATEful

    19. And a bag of Que Pasa Blue Tortilla Chips, because no #tacotuesday is complete without the ultimate edible dipping utensil.

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