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    22 Things Any Stylish Student Will Want Before School Starts Again

    Let's start the school year off in ~style~.

    1. This handy hammock that'll make a great catch-all tray for all your little bits and bobs. The soft fabric makes it a great option for delicate items (like glasses), so they won't get scratched or dinged up. Plus, you can even mount it on the wall if you're short on desk space.

    The hammock organizer on a desk filled with a phone sunglasses and a notebook

    2. This stylish undated planner that'll let YOU decide when the year really begins. It has room for lists, contacts, passwords, and even birthdays, so you can keep your entire life neatly organized (no matter how many assignments you already have).

    3. This canvas pencil case that'll help you keep track (read: NOT LOSE) of your belongings. It has double compartments, so you can keep sharp things — like scissors or your geometry compass — from stabbing your hand the next time you reach for a pencil.

    A flatlay of four pencil cases arranged neatly on a desk with other school supplies

    4. These waterproof wool sneakers that'll make running from class to class a lot more comfortable. They're extra cushiony and super lightweight, too, so you'll stay comfortable through all your classes (and maybe some after-school drinks as well).

    5. These oversized clothespins that'll make a great clothing rack, so you don't have to pile things on your computer chair anymore. Hanging them is super easy, too — just slip the tooth hanger over a nail or hanging hook. Or you can set it upright on a shelf or windowsill and use it to hold photographs!

    6. This tropical print duvet cover that'll help you transform a dreary residence room into a space all your own. It's entirely machine washable, too, so you don't need to be a pro at doing your own laundry to keep it looking bright and fresh.

    7. This rose gold computer stand that'll elevate your laptop to heights that feel a lot more comfortable for your neck and shoulders. The rubberized feet mean it won't slip and slide all over your desk. Plus, an elevated laptop is a COOL laptop — which is great if your computer starts to sound like a rocket midway through your first lecture.

    A laptop sitting on the stand on a desktop

    8. A stylish storage box that'll double as your shower caddy, so you can carry all your personal care products to the shower without shame. The sturdy metal design means things will always stay put while still being roomy enough to fit shampoos, soaps, and everything else you might need.

    The storage box on a countertop packed with towels and a hair brush

    9. This cute felt flower bouquet that'll bring some colour into your space (even if your room gets zero light). This cheerful bundle with keep things colourful even in the middle of winter! And since they're all individually made, you can arrange them however you want.

    10. These glass drink tumblers that have handy little silicone sleeves to help keep your drink in your hand when you're zooming between lecture halls. I always prefer glass to plastic, since plastic can absorb smells, colours, and tastes (which anyone with old Tupperware knows all too well).

    The glass tumblers neatly arranged on a desk with leafy plants

    11. This boho-style woven basket that'll make a cool alternative to boring laundry hampers. It's designed to store cushions and blankets, which means it's strong enough to withstand weeks (and weeks, and weeks, and weeks) of dirty laundry.

    A blanket spilling out of the woven basket

    12. This bedside storage caddy that'll help you maximize a smaller living space while still giving you a place to tuck your books, glasses, and other devices. It tucks right under your mattress and works with every style of bed frame, too, so it won't be obsolete when you change up your furniture.

    The storage caddy packed with a remote control glasses and a notebook and tucked under a mattress

    13. These funky frames that'll have you looking at the school year through rose-coloured glasses. Don't need a prescription? No problem. You can swap out the lenses for ones that filter blue light instead so you can protect your peepers from all the hours spent in front of your computer.

    A smiling person wearing the acrylic frames

    14. Some customizable desk organizers that'll help you keep your work space decluttered and lookin' cute. The best part about them is that you can choose the exact style you need. Want to have a spot to put your pens? There's a pen holder option. Looking for a spot for your favourite mug? Get it lined with cork. Or you can keep them empty and use them as a lil' dish for extra push pins and paper clips.

    15. This cooling jade roller that'll help to de-puff 8 a.m. lecture eyes, because early morning classes should honestly be illegal. The wide side is great for releasing tension in your cheeks, along your hairline, or in your jaw muscles, too. Keep it in your fridge or freezer to really amp up it's de-puffing properties! You're welcome.

    A flatlay of two jade rollers next to loose jade stones

    16. These custom storage labels that'll help you keep your stuff organized (and prevent unwanted mix-ups with your roommates). You can also use them to keep your stuff organized by class, so you don't have to rummage around your entire room just to find one textbook.

    17. A starry silk eye mask, so you can snooze in style (and block out your roommate's lights in the process). An adjustable strap means it's 100% customizable — no more discomfort! And reviewers say it's so soft, you'll almost forget you're wearing it.

    18. These funky bottle lights that'll help your work space feel a lot cozier. Their soft, diffused lighting is a drastic improvement over harsh, overhead lamps, and won't tire out your peepers when you're burning the midnight oil to get that assignment done on time.

    A neatly arranged row of bottle lights perched on a ledge

    19. This deluxe swiveling vanity mirror that's so loaded with features, it's basically the Ferrari of mirrors — plus, you won't have to fight your roommate for the bathroom! The LED lights mimic natural sunlight to give you true-to-life colours, and can be dimmed for day or night. Hidden inside is a pull-out mirror that magnifies 10x for all your detail work.

    20. This fuzzy faux sheepskin chair pad that'll cradle your keister in comfort when you're trying to bang out a big essay. The suede-like backing will keep it from sliding around, and since it's made of synthetic materials, you can just toss it in the washing machine when it gets dingy.

    The faux sheepskin pad tossed onto a metal chair

    21. These silk face masks, so you can venture out into the world with the appropriate (and cute!) personal protection. Silk is a lot softer than cotton, and actually keeps your face cooler. Plus, there's a little pocket insert for a filter, too!

    Five silk masks in varying colours arranged over an open magazine

    22. And finally, a set of personalized pencils that'll look cute as heck — and also stop your classmates from stealing your crap all the time. You can even get them printed with sassy messages, like "Get your own supplies," or "Make sure to return"!

    Five pencils arranged neatly on a desk with the inscription visible

    You feeling stylish AF in September:

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