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If You're Still Not Sure What To Get During The Sephora Sale, Allow Us To Suggest These Products

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Hello, it's me, your friendly neighbourhood beauty addict. I'm just coming thru to share that the Sephora Savings Event is hip-happenin', which means that as of today, you can get up to 30% off all your fave beauty goodies.

Without further ado, here are the goodies we think should be 🚨on your radar🚨:

1. A tub of innisfree Super Volcanic Pore clay mask if your skin's fave activity is stashing gunk deep inside your pores. A light layer will draw everything out (and absorb oil), so you can focus on something other than surprise zits.

2. A set of Glamnetic press-on nails you can pop on in minutes. If you're always smudging your colour before it dries (😫😫😫), you'll love not having to wait, since these are pre-cured *and* aren't damaging at all.

a person wearing the press-on nails

3. A bottle of Verb Ghost Oil that'll strengthen your locks and eliminate frizz with just a few drops. It's infused with bamboo extract, plus hydrating moringa seed and argan oils that won't leave your tresses limp and lifeless.

4. A bottle of Maude shave oil if you wanna give your razor some serious ~glide~. It's extra moisturizing, hair-softening, and you can use it on every inch of your sweet bod (yep, even down south).

someone lifting the dropper out of the bottle of shave oil

5. A bottle of Saie Hydrobounce Serum Foundation that'll leave your skin looking positively *luminous*. It's medium-coverage, which means you'll be able to skip layering on concealers and powders, too.

victoria holding up a bottle of the saie foundation

6. Or a Cheekbone Beauty complexion pencil if messing around with liquid formulas is a no-go. Depending on where you swipe it on, you can use it to highlight, colour-correct, or conceal, which is the kind of multi-purpose product I can get behind.

7. A bottle of Milk Makeup setting spray if you're, frankly, quite sick of your sweet beat melting off your face before EOD. A light misting will seal everything in place for up to 16 hours, all while controlling shine — which means you can party on without stressing about your lewk.

a person holding a bottle of the setting spray against a graffiti'd wall

8. A Morphe matte eyeshadow palette that'll let you get funky with your eye makeup. Sure, you'll get some neutral basics, but you'll also get to experiment with cool blues, deep purples, and rich browns — the only limit's your imagination.

the different matte eyeshadows arranged on a dark background

9. A tube of Ilia mascara that'll make your lil' lashies look long and fluffy (with serious definition to boot). It's safe for sensitive peepers and it won't flake off midway through the day.

Brittany before using the mascara and Brittany after putting it on, with visibly longer eyelashes

10. A tube of Rare Beauty liquid blush that'll give your sweet cheeks a glowy flush. Reviewers say it's perfect for faking a sun-kissed look and love that it lasts all day (even if you get a touch sweaty).

A person holding the blush with two swatches on their arm

11. A tube of The INKEY List mandelic acid treatment that'll blast away dark spots and discolouration left behind by pimples. It's super hydrating (which means no flaky patches!) with a touch of retinol to encourage cell turnover.

12. An Herbivore coconut milk bath soak that'll make your next dip feel like a trip to a tropical island. It's got real coconut milk powder mixed right in, so your skin will feel soft and hydrated even after you towel off.

a person dunking the jar of bath soak into a foamy bath

13. A tube of Summer Fridays lip balm if your pout is a smidge on the crispy side lately. It's got shea and murumuru seed butters for maximum moisture, plus vegan waxes to keep things looking glossy (instead of just greasy).

Victoria holding two tubes of the lip balm in her hand

14. A bottle of Sol de Janeiro Rio Radiance perfume mist so you can bathe your bod in the smell of summer (better weather is coming, y'all!). Think of it as the scentscape of your next vacay: white floral notes mixed with gourmand vanilla and coconut milk? Yes, please.

a smiling person holding up a bottle of the sol de janeiro perfume mist

15. A tube of Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen that'll melt right into your skin while delivering some major SPF protection. Reviewers love that it doesn't leave behind a white cast, even on darker skin tones.

Brittany holding up a tube of super goop's unseen sunscreen

16. A LYS Beauty matte lipstick that'll actually hydrate your smoocher while you're wearing it. If you're incredibly over dry, chalky formulas but aren't looking to get glossy, this option's the right way to go.

a person holding up a tube of the lipstick; their lips look smooth and soft matte

17. An Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow that'll let your eyes take centre stage (seriously — this thing has ~shimmer~). It'll stay put and can easily be applied and buffed out with your fingers, too.

Alice holding the eyeshadow

18. A bottle of Origins acne gel that reviewers say can even eliminate those pesky pimples hiding under their skin. It'll keep the redness and swelling down and stop any potential scarring from happening after, too.

someone holding up a bottle of the acne gel with a caption, bye maskne!

19. A tube of Moroccanoil purple conditioner if your blonde mane could use a lil' tune up. It'll bust brassiness while helping to repair some of the damage done by chemical processing (psst — it also works great on grey and dark hair!).

20. A Milk Makeup eyeliner pencil that might convince you to ditch your liquid formula (no, really!). It's a dream to apply, and even has a hidden smudger on one end if you're in the mood to blend things out and treat yourself to a smoky eye.

victoria holding up the eye pencil to her face and showing a soft winged eyeliner look

21. An ultra-precise Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil that'll amplify your natural arches and give you the feathery brows of your dreams. Reviewers love that the waxy formula never looks fake or clumpy and say that it stays put all day long.

22. A tub of seriously hydrating Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream that'll leave your skin feeling smooth as buttah. Even though it's intensely conditioning, reviewers say it feels light as a feather and doesn't leave their skin tacky or sticky.

23. A bottle of Glow Recipe Blur Drops if you'd like to work some magic on enlarged pores and oiliness. A lil' swipe will set the stage for all your ~gawgeous~ makeup creations, leaving you with a soft, satiny finish.

a bottle of the blurring serum primer inside a makeup bag

24. A bottle of Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops that'll protect your skin from pollution while giving it a serious *glow*. It's actually designed to play nice with your other products, so you can play mad scientist and mix it with lotions, serums, and oils.

Melina holding the drops against a bathroom countertop

25. An Olaplex lash serum if your lil' hairs could best be described as fragile, thin, or sparse. Reviewers say they saw a noticeable improvement in density and length after just one week, and love that it didn't cause any irritation or adverse reactions, either.

a smiling person holding the lash serum up to their long eyelashes

26. A Danessa Myricks highlighter that'll make your skin look dewy (instead of discoball-y). It'll melt right into your complexion rather than just sitting on top, meaning it won't crease, settle, or crinkle where you least want it to.

A person holding the compact of highlighter in front of plants

27. A Dr. Jart+ mask variety pack if your skin's acting up and you can't seem to figure out what the heck it wants. All of the sheet masks inside contain a powerful hydrating formula, while being targeted at more specific concerns (like clearing up acne or restoring your moisture barrier).

28. A Nudestix lip primer that'll wrap your pout in SPF protection while prepping it for all your fave lip products. Of course you can totally rock it solo, thanks to its rosy nude shade that's designed to flatter all skin tones.

29. A PATTERN shower brush that'll help you detangle and define your tightly-coiled curls. It's meant to be extra gentle on hair, so it won't pull or snag, even on thick or textured cheveaux.

a person holding up two of the shower brushes next to their textured hair

30. A pack of innisfree Retinol Cica overnight patches that are, in my humble opinion, perfection. Rather than just sucking up zit gunk (which they do v v well), they also deliver soothing extracts and retinol right to the root of the problem, thanks to their eeny-weeny microneedles.

31. An IT Cosmetics concealer/serum hybrid that surprised reviewers with how lightweight it is (while still packing serious coverage power, too). Built into the top is a dual-ended applicator tip and blending brush you can use to buff it out to perfection.

someone kissing a tube of the concealer serum

32. A tube of Kiehl's hand salve that's so rich and hydrating, your dry skin won't stand a chance. Since it's extra-strength, it'll be a godsend for tackling any itchiness, peeling, and cracking (and keep it all from coming back, too).

someone applying a dollop of the product to their hand while holding a tube of the cream

33. A pack of glittery INC.redible under-eye masks that'll make your peepers feel like the stars of the show. They're made of a cooling hydrogel (hello, de-puffing action) and infused with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to help make dark circles *poof* disappear.

a close up of one of the glittery undereye patches on a person's face

34. A micro-exfoliating scalp scrub from Kérastase that's as gentle as it is purifying. If you've got sensitive skin but still wanna fight back against dandruff and product buildup, this sweet bb is the find for you.

victoria holding a tube of the scalp exfoliant in a sunbeam

35. A First Aid Beauty anti-chafe stick if you're tired of starting little fires everywhere your skin rubs together. A quick swipe will keep things glidin' smoothly all day long, while conditioning your dermis with a blend of colloidal oatmeal and shea butter.

a tube of the anti friction balm on someone's beach bag

36. A tube of Glossier high-shine lipstick if shine is your jam and you will not be convinced otherwise. Because it's just as moisturizing as your favourite balm, you won't be left with a desiccated pout by the end of the day.

a split photo of Bianca showing the difference between one layer and two layers of the lipstick

37. A bottle of Nécessaire body wash that feels less like soap, and more like luxe skincare. Like your fave lotions 'n' potions, it's packed with things like niacinamide and plant oils that'll treat your bod to a spa-like experience in the shower.

a bottle of the necessaire body wash on victoria's soapy legs

38. A Frank Body coffee body scrub that'll give your skin a major wake-up call. It doesn't contain any microplastics or harsh scrubbing beads, either — thanks to ground coffee, almond oil, and vitamin E, you'll step out of the shower freshly buffed and silky-smooth.

a rear view of a person's booty covered in the coffee body scrub

39. An essential oil rollerball by Blume that's basically a PMS-fighting, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle. It'll be an awesome all-natural remedy for those days when everything sucks and you really need a little pick-me-up.

A person holds the roll-on between their fingers

40. A latex-free Kosas makeup blender that might convince you to bid adieu to all your brushes. The tapered end will be perfecto for dabbing products into all the awkward crannies on your face (because getting foundation in your eyes is the worst).

a person holding out the latex free makeup sponge; it has a tapered tip

41. A bottle of Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant if the thought of using scratchy scrubbing beads on your precious face is an absolute no thank you. The light concentration of salicylic acid will dissolve dead skin and buildup in a hot sec (and keep breakouts away, too).

Alice holding up a bottle of the exfoliant

42. A bottle of Verb texture spray that'll give your locks that fresh-off-the-beach look (even if summer still feels like a long way off). You can use it on damp tresses or spritz it onto wet hair before blow drying for some serious volume.

43. A tube of Sol de Janeiro deodorant that'll make your sweet pits smell positively delectable through the sweaty months. It's aluminum-free and has papaya enzymes that'll help slough away any odour-causing buildup every time you swipe it on.

a person holding a tube of the deodorant with an ocean in the backdrop

44. A bottle of hyaluronic acid hair treatment from The INKEY List that'll quench your parched mane and restore its natural bounce and shine. Reviewers love that it eliminates frizz and say it makes a great detangler and leave-in conditioner.

a before and after where the after shows hair that is noticeably smoother, less frizzy, with more volume

45. A bottle of Youth To The People Superfood cleanser that's absolutely 💕beloved💕 by reviewers and about to become your skincare BFF. The formula's packed with gentle ingredients like kale, spinach, and green tea that'll lift away debris without aggravating irritated skin.

The cleanser on a cork platter, surrounded by plants

46. A bronzer and blush duo by Cheekbone Beauty that'll leave your skin looking perfectly sun-kissed. The formula's smooth as velvet and totally buildable, which means you won't end up with blotchy cheeks after a light dusting.

a person holding up the two-part blush and bronzer tin

47. A bottle of OUAI Hydrating Scalp Serum because your noggin deserves the same care as your face, y'all. Reviewers are calling it a holy grail for improving hair growth *and* scalp health, so consider me sold.

Alice holding a bottle of scalp serum

48. A bottle of Summer Fridays skin tint if you, like me, have been loving the barely-there makeup trend. It's easy to apply (I like to use my fingers!) and blends like a dream, so you won't be left with an uneven finish.

49. An Urban Decay eyeliner that's highly-pigmented, water-resistant, and smudge-proof (can you say "perfect for summer"?). Thanks to its unique precision tip, it'll never skip, tug, or smear while you're applying a crisp cat eye.

someone holding the eyeliner pen between their fingers

50. A NAILS INC. treatment if you've chomped your talons down to nubs. It'll not only harden your nails, but will help them grow in longer and stronger, too.

a bottle of the nail hardener on a holographic background

51. An Olehenriksen Banana Bright+ eye stick that'll help colour-correct dark circles and leave your under-eye area looking 😙🤌. It's stuffed with vitamin C, caffeine, and light-reflecting particles, which means fine lines and puffiness will be no more.

victoria holding a tube of the cc sticks against a painting

52. A jar of Herbivore eye cream packed with bakuchiol if your skin can't handle retinol (but you still want those sweet *results*). You'll see a difference in about ten minutes, but it'll keep on de-puffing and smoothing all day long.

53. A pack of absorbent Peace Out hydrocolloid pore strips that'll make your pores seem basically invisible while gently coaxing out dirt and impurities. Thanks to the addition of vitamin A, they'll also stop new breakouts from appearing, too.

A person applying one of the pore strips to their nose

54. A bottle of Evereden body oil that'll make your skin look so dang good, you'll probz never wanna wear clothes again. Reviewers love it so much, they've switched from using other body creams entirely.

Victoria holding up the bottle of serum

55. A tube of Drunk Elephant scalp scrub that'll actually break down any buildup hiding in your mane. You can expect your hair to both look and feel softer, shinier, and bouncier after, too, thanks to ingredients like marula oil and a blend of good-for-skin acids.

alice holding a bottle of the scalp scrub in a bubble bath

56. And lastly, a Sephora Collection brush set that comes with all the pieces you need to create a truly fab face. It even comes with a carrying case (each brush has its own slot!), so you can bring your tools along on your next vacay.

the brush set open displaying the brushes in the leather case

Waiting for my package to arrive like:

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