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    35 Of The Prettiest Things You Can Order From Indigo

    You deserve it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This vegan leather pouch that'll store all your lip balms, receipts, and bobby pins while looking stylish as heck. If you (like me) find yourself overwhelmed by chaos, the slim design can also be tucked into any larger handbags to help corral your belongings.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    And since it has a zipper, you can wear it as a clutch on nights out without worrying that all your things will fall out.

    Get it at Indigo for $24.50 (also available in sand).

    2. These Matt & Nat sunglasses that'll make you feel glam as hell once the nicer weather rolls around. And the pinkish-taupe hue will pair well with any springtime outfits you've already been planning (just me?).

    @mattandnat / Via

    Get a pair at Indigo for $65.

    3. This minimalist alarm clock that looks so chic, it'll (almost) make it easier to wake up in the morning. The slim golden hands keep it from looking too plain, and it's available in five colours, so you'll be able to match it to your decor.

    @indigo / Via

    It runs on AA batteries, so make sure you grab some.

    Get it at Indigo for $39.50 (available in five colours).

    4. This adorable meditation pillow that'll give you a little space to find some peace. The natural buckwheat fills means it'll always conform to your body, and will never get stiff or packed down — no sore bums here! And with an attached carrying strap, you can easily take this baby with you to your yoga or meditation class.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    It even has a removable cotton cover, so you can keep it looking its best for years to come.

    Get it at Indigo for $34.50.

    5. This floral canvas tote bag that'll make a great lightweight addition to your handbag collection. It folds up really tiny, so you can keep it in your purse during grocery runs, or pack it into your suitcase on your next trip.

    Chapters indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $29.50.

    6. These Jenny Bird earrings that'll make an elegant and understated addition to your ear stack. The front-facing hoop maximizes visibility, allowing the mother-of-pearl charm to really take centre stage.

    @_jennybird / Via

    Dress them up, or dress them down — the organic, free-flowing shape looks just as great with jeans and a tee as it does with a chic sundress.

    Get a pair at Indigo for $95.

    7. This silky neckerchief that's about to become the most versatile addition to your wardrobe. Wrap it around your neck for a cool alternative to a necklace, use it to tie your hair, or loop it around your handbag straps for a pop of colour. This little scarf does it all!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Just make sure you hand wash it so it doesn't pucker or pull.

    Get it at Indigo for $22.50. Check out a full selection of scarves and neckerchiefs here.

    8. This flower arrangement kit that'll help you create high-quality floral displays all by yourself. Don't worry if you're just starting out — this workshop in a box has something for everyone!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    It includes professional-quality tools and accessories (like clippers, netting, tape, and flower food). Plus, you’ll have access to password-protected tutorials that’ll inspire and challenge you.

    Get it at Indigo for $89.50 (also available as a wreath-making kit).

    9. This set of beeswax wraps that'll be a lovely (not to mention eco-friendly) alternative to boring old plastic wrap. They're incredibly easy to use, too! The heat from your hands is all you need to mould them to just about any dish.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    After using them, just give them a rinse in cold water, and set them to dry. And if the floral pattern is too much for you, fear not — they're also available in mushroom and honey bee patterns.

    Get a set of three at Indigo for $30.

    10. This ceramic diffuser that'll nebulize your favourite essential oils, while acting as a mini humidifier. The matte stoneware finish will blend right into your decor, instead of sticking out like a store thumb

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    And with an auto shut-off function, and a seven-hour runtime, you can set it and forget it.

    Get it at Indigo for $89.25. Check out a full selection of diffusers and essential oils here.

    11. This mustachioe'd candle that is equal parts rugged and refined. Light it and let the earthy, leathery scent wash over you. I love that this candle is designed to be reused indefinitely: Once the wax is gone, fill the ceramic vessel with change, plant some succulents, or keep it as a catch-all dish by the front door.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $29.50 (available in five scents and styles).

    12. These rose gold stainless steel straws that'll help you finally ditch their single-use counterparts for good. Use them for everything: smoothies, iced coffees, juice, or just as an elegant addition to your daily H2O.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Plus, they're incredibly easy to clean — just put 'em in the dishwasher! And each set comes with a handy cleaning brush, so you can scrub out any leftover debris.

    Get a pack of four at Indigo for $16 (also available in straight).

    13. This vibrant outdoor pillow that'll breathe some much-needed life to your back patio. The plants in your garden might not be blooming just yet, but this cushion will remind you that greener days are coming!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    The cotton twill cover is coated in a waterproofing solution, so you can go ahead and leave it outside.

    Get it at Indigo for $29.50.

    14. This silk sleep headband that'll help keep your hair from going totally mad while you're sleeping. Silk can also help prevent damage and breakage, especially if your hair is delicate. It's also a great way to keep your hair off your face if overnight creams or masks are part of your skincare routine.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    The silk-covered elastic back won't pinch or pull at delicate baby hairs, either.

    Get it at Indigo for $17.15.

    15. This Himalayan salt skin stone that'll help re-mineralize your body after bathing. What does that mean, you ask? Lightly rubbing this slab over your skin allows it to absorb the salt's nutrient-rich minerals, like potassium, iron, and calcium. The microfine surface particles can also improve exfoliation and circulation!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Plus, it also makes a great natural deodorant, or at-home hot stone massage.

    Get it at Indigo for $15.

    16. This handwoven basket that will make short work of random clutter, craft supplies, or kids' toys. It's made of natural seagrass, making each basket completely unique!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Just give it a gentle wipe-down with a damp cloth if it ever needs refreshing.

    Get it at Indigo for $27.65.

    17. This mossy green hamper that'll replace your old plastic one. The soft fibres can be smooshed, crunched, folded, or pushed into just about any space, which means you'll never have to trip over a discarded laundry basket ever again.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    And the breathable material means you won't have to stress that someone tossed a damp towel in the laundry (again😒).

    Get it at Indigo for $42 (available in five colours).

    18. This bath salt duo that comes in matching glass containers, complete with bamboo lids, tray, and scoop. Harnessing the power of detoxifying matcha and relaxing lavender, it's the ultimate spa-quality companion to your next bath.

    @indigo / Via

    You can scoop as little or as much as you want, which is great if you're really sensitive to smell. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way!

    Get the duo at Indigo for $56 (also available in lavender orange).

    19. This French press with a faux walnut finish that'll give you the tastiest coffee (while looking super cute on your counter). Made without the use of any plastics or glass, this lovely press won't shatter the next time you try to clean it, or get scratched up in the dishwasher.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    I adore this press — the stainless steel body keeps coffee warm for upwards of an hour, and I've never had any of those annoying pressure issues that are common among presses.

    Get it at Indigo for $54.99 (also available in marble).

    20. This gardening fork and trowel that'll awaken your inner green thumb. They’re printed with a vintage wallpaper design, so you’ll be itching to give these a go — whether you’re replanting your entire veggie garden or just tending to your houseplants.

    @wildandwolf / Via

    They're not just pretty, either. Their sturdy metal construction won't bend or give when you're elbow deep in weed-pulling. You can also get a set of matching shears!

    Get the set at Indigo for $39.50.

    21. This portable diffuser that's shaped like a seashell and looks cute as a button. It's also rechargeable, lightweight, and can diffuse continuously for up to 10 hours. I'm sold!

    @oriwest / Via, @oriwest / Via

    My favourite feature is the waterless diffusion system that allows you to drop your favourite essential oils directly onto little pads — no water required. Get yourself a mood-boosting set of essential oils, too.

    Get it at Indigo for $22.46.

    22. This safari-print zippered set of Baggu pouches, so you can look chic and stay organized. They lie flat when empty, or can be plumped up to fit all your toiletries, office supplies, or makeup. The large pouch can even hold a small laptop!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    They're made of a heavyweight nylon that can be tossed in your washing machine if it ever gets grimy. Makeup stains, begone!

    Get a set of three at Indigo for $48.

    23. This artisanal candle whose scent is reminiscent of Toronto's largest park. With notes of white tea, thyme, and mandarin, you'll be transported to an urban wilderness (even if you're currently living in a shoebox in the sky).

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Since they have a pure cotton wick, you can expect minimal smoking and charring.

    Get it at Indigo for $22 (available in 11 scents).

    24. This super cute earbud case, so you can store them in a safe space. It's suitable for just about every type of headphone: a flap on the right allows you to coil wired buds (and keep them from tangling), while a snug pocket on the left will keep wireless earphones snug and secure.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    And as an added measure, the whole case is zippered to prevent anything from falling out.

    Get it at Indigo for $22.

    25. This glass oil dispenser with a drip-free silicone spout to prevent spills, and help you control where you pour.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $29.99.

    26. Some S'well water bottles that look so pretty, you'll find any excuse to use them. They're a cult-fave for a reason! With incredible thermoregulating powers, they'll keep your cold drinks frosty, and your hot drinks scalding for up to 12 hours.

    @indigo / Via

    They're also ridiculously tough — I've had mine for over six years, and it was only recently dented by an extremely powerful baseball pitch (but remains intact!).

    Get it at Indigo for $45. A full range of colours, sizes, and styles is available here.

    27. This rustic peeler that'll make peeling vegetables seem like much less of a chore. The solid oakwood handle is comfortable in the hand, while the stainless steel blade makes short work of potatoes, apples, carrots, and every other thing you throw at it.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Unlike peelers with metal or plastic handles, this one has smooth, rounded edges, and won't scratch or cut you.

    Get it at Indigo for $13.99.

    28. This rosy-hued sleep shirt that can be work in or out of bed. The piped collar looks so elegant, you could probably even take a video conference call and no one would be the wiser. Plus, it's incredibly soft so you will stay comfy all night long.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $27.65 (available in sizes S-XL, as well as in black and grey).

    29. This soothing botanical facial steam that looks like a handful of dried flowers. Don't be fooled, though: It's formulated with calendula and comfrey to help reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin.

    @palermobody / Via

    Using it is super easy: Toss 1-2 teaspoons into a large bowl, and cover in hot water. Drape a towel over your head as you lean over the bowl, and allow the steam to seep deep into your pores. You can even reuse the floral water after by adding it to your fave clay mask!

    Get it at Indigo for $43.

    30. Some reusable cotton rounds that'll replace disposable pads and wipes. You can use them to apply toners and serums, or to help remove light makeup. And when you're ready, toss them in the included wash bag and give them a spin in your washing machine!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    As someone who is perpetually annoyed by the minuscule cotton fluffs that always get caught on my eyelashes, these are a true 🤩blessing🤩.

    Get a package of 15 at Indigo for $35 (available in six patterns).

    31. This passport cover with handy interior pockets that are perfect for storing credit cards, extra change, or smaller documents (like bus tickets or baggage tags). Plus, the bright colour will help you easily locate it while you're juggling your carry-on bags.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $15.50 (also available in black).

    32. This printed kimono that'll make you feel chic as heck the next time you're lounging at home. I absolutely love that the sleeves hit closer to the elbow — there's nothing worse than dragging your sleeve through every gross thing in your kitchen because they're too loose to roll up!

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    The length is also fantastic, too, hitting just above the knee. And with an adjustable wrap waist, it really couldn't be any more comfortable.

    Get it at Indigo for $45+ (available in sizes S/M, and M/L, as well as in pink tigers and black).

    33. This tropical-print travel yoga mat that'll help you find your zen, no matter where you are. It's super thin, and folds up small, so you can keep it with you at all times.

    @mysugarmat, Chapters Indigo / Via

    It even comes with its own travel bag, too.

    Get it at Indigo for $66.75.

    34. This ultra relaxing bath bomb that'll help you sink into a nice, deep snooze. The combination of hydrating milk bath, with grapeseed oil, Vitamin E, and chamomile oil will leave your skin relaxed, moisturized, and ready for bed.

    @musee_bath / Via

    It even has a handle of lavender buds that bloom in the warm temperature of your bath, releasing more relaxing and effervescent oils.

    Get it at Indigo for $10 (also available in Forever Young).

    35. And lastly, this packable tote that'll help you beat any springtime blues. This sapphire number is incredibly functional, too: It'll fit all your necessities, and has wide straps for easy carrying.

    Chapters Indigo / Via

    Get it at Indigo for $34.50.

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