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    This Company Will Turn Family Photos Into Actual Works Of Art (And Yes, They'll Make Great Gifts)

    And right now, you can get $90 off!

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    Hello, it's me, your friendly neighbourhood millennial! And like plenty of others in my demographic, my photo folder is absolutely jammed with pics of my food, my family, and, of course, my catto (see photo):

    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    And while our pictures may have found a home in the digital world, let's just say they're not quite worthy of being hung up on our walls. (Okay, maybe this one is, but that's only because my kitty is so👏 dang👏 handsome👏.)

    And now, Paint Your Life is here to take your humble home photos and transform them into bona fide masterpieces. Seriously — each one is hand-painted by real artists!

    someone holding up a phone with a family portrait comparing it to the painting on a mantle
    Paint Your Life

    I'm not here to tell you what to do, but that sounds like a pretty great holiday gift to give all those hard-to-shop for family members.


    But maybe your family hasn't taken a photo together in years. (I mean... *gestures wildly at everything*.) Fret not! The wizards at Paint Your Life have some tricks up their sleeve to help create the family portrait you've always dreamed of.

    a compilation painting of two grandparents with their baby grandchild
    Paint Your Life

    They can splice together photos to create one-of-a-kind scenes that otherwise may not have happened.

    Or, maybe there's an extra-special pet that deserves the royal treatment. Fur babies are family, too!

    a serious-looking dog wearing an english-style cap
    Paint Your Life

    I mean, just look at this lil' gent!

    And everything's customizable. You can select your artist and choose a medium (charcoal, acrylic, name it!) that best suits your style.

    a grid picture of different artists next to their work
    Paint Your Life

    Paint Your Life will even frame it for you, if you like. Talk about a one-stop gifting shop!

    If that's not the fanciest thing you've ever heard, I don't know what is.

    20th Century Studios

    They can even ~zhuzh~ up your old photos and transform them into stand-out artwork (rather than let them collect dust in the ol' family album).

    Paint Your Life

    Prices start at $199 USD or $249 CAD and increase based on size and number of subjects, but there's free shipping throughout the US and Canada!

    Paint Your Life is also offering a special discount code so you can grab a few for all your friends, too. Just use the promo code BUZZ90 to get a whopping $90(!!) off your order.

    FOX Searchlight Pictures

    Name a better way to immortalize a special memory. I'll wait.

    And guys, people are LOVING their work. Paint Your Life has over 8,500 five-star reviews!

    Paint Your Life

    The fact that this many people agree on something is truly incredible.

    The holiday season is somehow upon us, so don't sleep on these masterpieces — and really, they'd make thoughtful gifts any time of the year (or just really dope additions to your home decor, TBH).

    a goofy painting of a dog smiling with its ears flapping around
    Paint Your Life

    Plus, who wouldn't love a bespoke gift?

    a pair of family photos that were compiled into one portrait
    Paint Your Life

    So if you're looking for thoughtful holiday gifts that aren't neckties, appliances, or other knickknacks, you should probably head over to Paint Your Life stat.

    Don't forget to grab your sweet promo code BUZZ90 to get $90 off your order, and get ready to claim the title of Greatest Gift-Giver!