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    17 Sun-Protecting Products That’ll Keep You Safe From Sunburns

    For all you sun lovers out there.

    1. An awesome face and body sunscreen that doesn't leave behind a white cast — no, really! This silky-smooth formula is easy to apply (no dripping!), and makes skin look luminous, NOT greasy. Plus, it absorbs ultra fast, and doesn't have a heavy, sunscreen-y smell.

    2. This protective anti-humidity spray that'll not only prevent your hot tools from damaging your strands, but will also stop the sun from drying out your hair and leaching the colour. The ultra-fine mist is heat activated and keeps your mane glossy, frizz-free, and protected from UV rays for up to 24 hours.

    3. This soothing sheet mask that'll help mitigate any redness or irritation thanks to just a bit too much time in the sun. Each intensely cooling mask is made of organic unbleached cotton, designed to keep the serum right where you need it. Slap one on after a day at the beach and say goodbye to redness, irritation, and pesky post-sun breakouts.

    4. These sun drops that combine the protective power of reef-safe sunscreen with skin-loving serums. It's completely transparent on all skin types, and is packed with antioxidants to keep your skin looking its best. The unusual dropper applicator makes it super easy to apply just the right amount, too. And it makes a great primer under your makeup!

    5. This wide-brim rancher hat that'll protect your face from harmful UV rays while looking chic as hell. It's incredibly lightweight and will keep your noodle cool while you're hanging around outside. It's designed to have a high crown, so I'd recommend sizing up if you prefer to wear your chapeaus lower on your face.

    6. Or, if you're looking for something sportier, this sweat-wicking brimmed cap that'll keep you comfortable while protecting your face. What makes this a stand-out is the larger opening in the back that's great at accommodating all kinds of ponytails — even the fancy high ones! Plus, it allows great air circulation so your head won't overheat when temperatures skyrocket.

    7. This protective balm that'll not only give your lips and cheeks a lovely flush of colour, but also protect your skin from UV rays, infrared radiation, and pollution. It's also intensely hydrating, keeping your skin from getting parched and dull after too much sun. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use — just swipe wherever you want a subtle wash of colour (and protection).

    8. This super-cooling mousse that'll help take the sting out of a sunburn. This funky foam is packed with aloe leaf juice, rosehip oil, and cucumber extract to help condition your frazzled skin — it's basically like a hydration bomb! You'll be able to nip flaking and dryness right in the bud.

    9. This lovely bronze-tinted self tanner that'll give your skin a beautiful glow without any damage. While building a base tan to help prevent sun burn is kind of a myth, it definitely does help prep your skin for sun exposure. And this self tanner is packed with anti-free radicals, so you'll be protected if you do decide to venture into the daylight.

    10. This mineral setting powder with SPF 45 that'll absorb excess moisture and lock your look in place — all while protecting your skin from sun damage. Sure, it's super easy to use, but it's also incredibly good for your skin! It'll help your skin retain moisture and protect it from environmental damage, too.

    11. These stunning rose gold rimless sunglasses that prove the '70s are having a major resurgence. These lightweight spectacles are intentionally oversized — no more tired peepers from bright afternoons! Plus, their frameless design makes them ultra lightweight.

    12. Or if you're looking for something a bit more classic, these angular black frames with a touch of tortoiseshell are the timeless hit you're looking for. You'll be surprised by how comfortable they are! And the gradient lenses mean you won't even have to take them off indoors (if that's your vibe).

    13. This lightweight blouse that'll make a great beach cover-up or just a cute hot-weather wardrobe staple. The light shade means you'll never overheat (no matter how high the temperatures climb), and the front can be worn untied if you want to let a bit of bikini peek out.

    14. These luxe Kiehl's lip butters that'll not only keep your smoocher from getting sunburnt, but leave behind a lovely sheer wash of colour. They're made with coconut oil and lemon butter for maximum hydration, and have an SPF of 25, so your pout will be well taken care of.

    15. This refreshing makeup setting spray that's designed to keep your makeup looking fresh to death all day long, while also reducing shine AND protecting your face from UV rays. Since it has a ton of hyaluronic acid, cucumber, and aloe vera, it also delivers hydration right where you need it — so you don't end up with dry, fried skin after an afternoon in the sun.

    16. This juicy gel nail polish, because (believe it or not) your nails need sun protection, too. You might not need to apply an SPF, but using an opaque polish like this one can help prevent UV rays from reaching your nails and turning them yellow. Plus, who doesn't love a set of saucy red nails?

    17. And last but not least, a short sleeve rash guard that'll keep sunburns at bay while you frolic in the water. It's made of a loose, quick-drying material, which basically guarantees you won't overheat. And if that's not enough, it's also designed to be chlorine and salt resistant.

    You on the next sunny day:

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