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    We Tried These 15 Things In March, And Now We're *Actually* Obsessed With Them

    We'll be talking about these 'til the end of time.

    1. A jar of Grace & Stella eye cream that'll vote your dark circles off the island and wake up tired eyes after a late night. Its gentle formula is chock-full of niacinamide, green tea extract, and caffeine that'll have you looking and feeling bright-eyed all day long.

    Bianca's hand holding up the tub of the eye cream against a feather backdrop

    2. A clever drain cover that’ll keep water from escaping your tub when you’re having a bath. The ring of suction will create a perfect seal around your overflow drain, transforming your regular tub into the deep-soaking bathtub of your dreams.

    3. A green tea-based Boscia face mask that'll make your skin feel like it just sipped a matcha latte. It's packed with antioxidants, helps soothe redness and inflammation, and will absorb extra oil, so your skin will feel totally blissed-out.

    Victoria wearing the matcha clay mask on her face while holding up a jar of the mask

    4. A tube of Elizavecca leave-in hair essence that'll give your hair a scrumptious dose of collagen and protein. Reviewers say that it leaves their hair softer and shinier and that it's a miracle worker for damaged tresses and frizzy flyaways.

    Someone holding the hair essence

    5. A reusable Baggu shopping bag that'll help you cut down on how many plastic bags you use. It can hold up to 50 pounds and will fold into a tiny square, so you can easily store it in your purse or backpack.

    6. An escape room in a box that'll bring a handful of tricky puzzle activities into the comfort of your own home. It comes with access to an app that'll time you while playing ambient sounds that go with the theme of your game for ~added pressure~.

    Bianca holding up the cover of the game box with some of the game pieces behind it on a table

    7. A locally-made canvas plant pot cover that'll add some personality to your indoor garden. It's perfect for covering up boring pots and is a cinch to clean, too.

    a person holding up the canvas pot cover that says best buds on the front

    8. A buttery-soft duvet cover that'll make you want to stay in bed just a wee bit longer. It's made of combed cotton, which gives it a lovely sheen that makes it look far fancier than that old one you're keeping from college (sorry, not sorry).

    Victoria sitting on her bed wrapped in the duvet cover

    9. A pack of multipurpose microfibre cloths that are great for cleaning stainless steel and mirrors without leaving behind fuzzy streaks. They're also soft enough to be used as washcloths and can even remove makeup with water — just water!

    Someone holding a small pile of the microfibre cloths

    10. A Kindle Oasis so you can download your reading material before you get to the airport, instead of filling your overstuffed duffle with books. You can even adjust the brightness when the lights dim, so you won't have to turn on the overheads and bug your snoozing seat mates.

    11. A Wet 'n' Wild translucent powder that'll help set your concealer without discolouring the makeup you just spent ages blending to perfection. It'll fully absorb into your skin and you can reapply it throughout the day to control shine.

    Bianca holding up the jar of translucent powder with the lid cracked open

    12. A pair of teensy tasseled hoops that'll dress up your stack. Reviewers say they're light as a feather and won't tarnish with everyday wear (you won't even have to take 'em off to shower).

    13. A pack of scrubbing sponges that'll pack a powerful punch against dirt and caked-on messes. They've got tiny silicone nodes that'll help dislodge stubborn grime (while still being gentle on all your stuff, obvi).

    victoria holding up a sponge with tiny silicone nodes on one side

    14. A pack of Murad under-eye masks that'll be a welcome addition to your morning skincare routine. They'll help wake you up and treat your pores to a cocktail of retinol, blue agave extract, and a ton of other good-for-skin ingredients. Plus, they won't slide down your face like slimier alternatives.

    15. And finally, a bag of Purina Pro Plan dry dog food for small pooches with *big* skin and tummy problems. It's formulated with salmon, oatmeal, prebiotics, and Omego-3 and -6 fatty acids, all of which will add shine to your fur baby's coat, calm their rumbly belly, and help them live their best life.

    A dog sniffing a bag of the Purina dog food

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