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    These 28 Things Have Tons Of 5-Star Reviews, So It's Probably Time You Gave 'Em A Go

    Thousands of obsessed reviewers can't be wrong!

    1. A copy of The Five Minute Journal that'll encourage you to take a few moments for yourself every day. If you don't know where to start, fret not — it's got space for affirmations, to-do lists, and any other thoughts bouncing around your noggin.

    May holding the Five Minute Journal

    2. A pack of peroxide-free whitening strips that'll brighten your chompers in just a few minutes without damaging your enamel or irritating your gums. Reviewers reported zero sensitivity and love the flavour, too (courtesy of all-natural coconut extract).

    a person holding up a trio of the whitening strips

    3. A Carhartt toque that'll work just as hard as you do. It's a cult-fave for a reason — reviewers are obsessed with how stretchy it is and say it doesn't cause itchy hat head, either.

    a set of carhartt toques on a wooden bench

    4. A tub of Sudocrem if your skin is having its own little breakdown right now (honestly, same). Reviewers say it soothes and heals almost any skin condition — so much so, they're calling it liquid gold.

    Bianca holding up a tub of the cream

    5. A lululemon Everywhere Fleece Belt Bag that's the real MVP when it comes to accessories. Stuff all your necessities inside — it can take it! Plus, it's got lil' compartments so your things aren't just, like, bouncing around all loosey-goosey.

    Victoria using her everywhere fleece bag

    6. A Scrub Daddy eraser sponge that reviewers swear is way more durable than that Magic Eraser in your cupboard. That means you can count on this bb to stay in one piece 'til you're done washing up.

    a set of four scrub daddy eraser sponges perched upright

    7. A set of budgeting envelopes so you can keep a closer eye on your stacks. To make things even easier, they're waterproof, tear-proof, and colour-coded, so you'll always know how much dough you've got each month.

    a flatlay of the cash budgeting envelopes

    8. An ergonomic seat cushion if your current desk chair is about as comfy as a lumpy log. It'll give your sitch a serious upgrade without all the hassle and cost of sourcing new furniture.

    the ergonomic pillow attached to brittany's office chair

    9. An absolutely enormous wearable blanket if you wanna be covered from tip to toe. Reviewers are obsessed with it's fun lil' features, like a foot pocket and Velcro closure at the back that'll keep your 🍑 protected from brisk breezes.

    a person standing while wearing the enormous blanket with sleeves

    10. A jewellery cleaning pen if you'd like to see your bling actually ✨sparkle✨ again. The brush tip will get into every nook and cranny, so no dust or tarnish will be able to hide.

    11. A packet of dishwasher-cleaning tablets that'll help you revive (and de-gunk) your smelly old machine. They'll slowly dissolve during the cleaning cycle, melting away icky buildup and saving you from having to scrub the whole damn thing by hand.

    12. A hand blender that'll help you whip up something tasty in less time than it takes to say, "Hey, I could eat." It's mega powerful and can whisk up 25 bowls of soup on a single charge, which means more time blending and less time powering up.

    13. A pack of iron-on denim patches if you're not ready to bid adieu to your fave pair of jeans. You can snip 'em down to size and they're self-adhesive, too, which means they won't slide around before you get a chance to slap an iron on them.

    a before and after of a pair of jeans being repaired using the patches

    14. A wall-mounted razor holder that'll help you declutter the rim of your bathtub. Reviewers love that it's incredibly easy to install, too: just slap it onto any smooth surface and you'll be good to go.

    a person reaching for their razor that's hung on the razor mount

    15. A tub of Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream that'll make your skin look (and smell) like it just got back from vacay. You'll get to wrap your senses in the smell of creamy vanilla, pistachio, and salted caramel, all while treating your bod to some serious hydrating action.

    16. A bottle of Dr. Teal's bubble bath that'll make every soak feel like a trip the spa. Instead of oversized, easy-to-pop bubbles, it produces a fine, plush foam that'll melt down into a skin-softening oil.

    a bottle of the dr teals foaming bath on the edge of a bathtub

    17. A penguin-shaped fridge deodorizer that'll help keep your appliance stank-free. And since it stands out from food and snacks, reviewers say it helps them remember to change out the baking soda more often, too.

    18. A pack of nearly-invisible pimple patches that'll help you zap that zit and get on with your day. Reviewers say they not only suck up gunk better than pricier patches and treatments, but that they also flatten the area, so your concealer will go on smooth and silky.

    A smiling person wearing the pimple patches on their cheek

    19. A bottle of Leather Honey cleaner that'll restore your fave goods and furniture to like-new condition. Don't be fooled by the petite bottle — it's very concentrated (one bottle can make up to 32 ounces of cleaner!) and it works on faux leather, vinyl, plastic, and rubber, too.

    a person holding a bottle of the leather honey against a pair of clean leather dress shoes

    20. A Briogeo conditioning hair mask that'll treat your tresses to some *serious* hydration. It's thick, rich, and potent, so you can kiss split ends and frizz buh-bye.

    Melina holding the tub of the hair mask

    21. A pair of absorbent puff balls so you can dry off your grabbers without soaking your bath towels. Reviewers say they suck up a *lot* of moisture (while doubling as cute washroom decor).

    someone drying their hands on one of the towel puffs

    22. A rechargeable foot file that'll help you give yourself some salon-quality pedis without ever leaving home. It's got two speeds and is completely waterproof, so you can trim down your hooves in the shower.

    Victoria holding up the foot file

    23. A pair of hiccup-curing straws that reviewers swear work instantly. To activate the magic, you'll just need one glass of water. Sip, sip, hooray!

    a person sipping water using the hiccup curing straw

    24. A bottle of Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi drops that'll give your winter skin a kiss of colour. A few drops will transform your moisturizer into a glow-inducing tonic, or you can go wild and use it solo for a more intense finish.

    Melina holding the drops against a bathroom countertop

    25. A Wilton cooling rack that'll become your kitchen bestie. Sure, it'll be a great addition to your baking regime, but it's real magic powers lie elsewhere: it'll make everything you roast on it delightfully crispy!

    A person holding up the roasting rack

    26. A pack of shower curtain clips if you're sick of your curtain flapping open every time you wanna take a toasty shower (is that too much to ask?!). Their adhesive backing makes them a snap to install, too.

    a person clipping their shower curtain into the clips

    27. A defuzzer that'll trim the pills off your sweaters, pants, and other linens. It's got an adjustable cap to prevent snags, so you won't accidentally rip a hole in your favourite knit (my actual worst nightmare).

    28. And lastly, a pack of earlobe support patches if your fave bling is starting to drag down your look. They're totally invisible and reviewers love that they can get multiple wears out of each one.

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