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    21 Products That Are Too Cute Not To Own

    Because we could all use a dose of cuteness in our lives.

    1. You and your little one will have a hoot with this baby soother and sound machine. It's loaded with four lullabies, and four nature sounds to help your baby sleep through the night.

    2. Fulfill your dreams of becoming a Sailor Scout with this eight-piece Sailor Moon makeup brush set. You'll be fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, and looking hella cute in no time.

    3. Give your home a stained-glass makeover with this 3D window film. You can install wherever you want a little extra privacy, or in any space that needs a little *SPARKLE*.

    4. This bottle of capsule letters is the millennial equivalent of a message in a bottle, and guys, it's cute as heck. You can write your own messages on the tiny scrolls inside any of the 90 capsules. It's a great gift, but you can also use it as a bottle of affirmations for yourself.

    5. Make your bedroom feel out of this world with these glow in the dark adhesive dots that'll take you to a galaxy far, far away.

    6. This chic set of stainless steel flatware that come with a carrying case perfect for on-the-go meals. Eco-friendly AND super cute!

    7. This oversized side-vent tunic that will keep you looking cute and comfy, whether you're getting brunch or running errands.

    8. This rustic black felt letter board that's fully customizable and fully adorable. It's great for weddings, showers, photoshoots, conversation starters, home decor, or even just as a hilarious pick-me-up.

    9. This three-bulb planter that's perfectly suited for hydroponic plants, is a dream combo of industrial-rustic chic styling that will look cute wherever you plant it.

    10. I donut understand why you don't already own this dessert-inspired squishy pillow. It's filled with microbeads that make it super comfortable.

    11. Get the lifted lashes of your dreams with this tiny eyelash curler, beloved for its ability to grab even the teensiest lashes and elevating them to new heights.

    12. This pocket-sized comb will keep your mustache in order. It's super light, foldable, and can tackle even the biggest tangles.

    13. These tiny herb shears are a game-changer. Their ergonomic design makes them really user-friendly, and the spring-action hinge automatically opens after each cut to reduce hand strain.

    14. Let's be real, the Nintendo Switch is the cutest (and also coolest!) gaming system you'll want to own immediately.

    15. You mist get this airless aerosol mister, whether it's to tame flyaways, or water your plants. It distributes a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist for several seconds, and can even be used upside down!

    16. These ain't your drugstore blotting papers — these green tea blotting linens will soothe, protect, and freshen your skin. Plus the slim package is super cute and travel-friendly!

    17. Prep for dropping temperatures with these incredibly adorable penguin thermal sock slippers.

    18. A tiny ceramic flat iron with dual voltage design for worldwide usage. Measuring just over 18 centimeters in total, it heats up fast and leaves your hair looking sleek and shiny.

    19. This mini multi-purpose knife is made of stainless steel and has a sandalwood handle, making it great for hiking, camping, or even for emergency rescue. It locks securely into place upon opening, and can fit in the palm of your hand.

    20. This palm-sized facial cleansing brush is not only adorable, but also super effective. It removes 99.5% of all dirt and oil build-up, as well as makeup residue and dead skill cells. Just use it for one minute, morning and night, and watch as this little wonder works magic on your skin.

    21. And this electric milk frother so you can practice making cafe-quality latte art at home. Just tap the top button, and whisk away!

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