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    You'll Almost Definitely Find A New Skincare Fave In This List

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    1. These invisible pimple patches that'll help you stealthily fight breakouts. They have a matte finish and tapered edges that'll blend seamlessly into your skin, so no one but you will know about that annoying pimple on your cheek.

    2. This all-natural foaming face wash that'll remove your makeup and cleanse your skin, sans any harsh soaps and chemicals. It's completely pH balanced, which means you can skip the toner after, too.

    A bottle of the face wash covered in foam

    3. This sheet mask duo that's specially designed to condition your assets. Each one contains vitamin C, as well as watermelon and peach extract, to treat your boobs and bum to some major TLC.

    4. This ingrown hair oil that'll halt those annoying bumps before they even appear. Antibacterial tea tree oil is paired with hydrating coconut oil to fight razor burn, redness, and post-hair-removal breakouts.

    5. A tube of squalane-infused lip balm that'll moisturize your pucker before wintery winds can turn it into a desiccated husk. It's the same formula as the brand's cult-fave vegan lip balm, upgraded for on-the-go usage!

    A tube of the lip balm on a simple background next to a smear of the product to show texture

    6. A detoxifying charcoal soap bar that'll help clear up any pesky body pimples. It's made of only natural ingredients (like bamboo charcoal), so your skin will feel as good as it looks.

    The charcoal soap bar cut diagonally and arranged artfully on a simple background

    7. An all-natural lotion stick that'll relieve itchy eczema, rashes, bug bites, and inflammation. It'll glide on easily and is packed with ultra-calming calendula and colloidal oatmeal, so you can go ahead and ditch those harsh steroid creams.

    A person applying the lotion stick to their hands in a snowy landscape

    8. A 2-in-1 toner and serum that'll target dark spots and keep your skin from getting oily. Thanks to niacinamide and witch hazel, it'll also stop breakouts and acne scarring right in their tracks.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the serum against their bathroom vanity

    9. A bottle of cold-pressed chia seed oil that'll hydrate and heal even the flakiest skin. Thanks to all the fatty acids, it's also incredibly effective at smoothing dry, crispy hair (without weighing down your look).

    A bottle of the chia seed oil on a bed of chia seeds

    10. A seaweed bath soak that'll transform your tub into your own personal ocean. The natural minerals from the bladderwrack seaweed are incredibly soothing and detoxifying for skin, making this soak the perfect antidote for an itchy, irritated dermis.

    The bag of seaweed soak spilled out onto a simple surface

    11. This seven-day Makeup Eraser set that'll help you avoid reusing wipes and towels (and spreading around yucky germs). Each pad can be washed up to 1,000 times, so you won't need to repurchase face cloths for a while.

    The seven-piece set arranged on a simple background next to the included laundry and makeup bags

    12. A scalp-cleansing oil that'll dissolve zit-causing skin cells and product buildup. It'll never strip moisture from your strands and actually makes it easier to untangle post-shampoo knots, too.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the product while smiling into the camera

    13. A set of collagen-packed lip gels that'll help restore your smoocher to its former glory. Each mask also contains hydrating hyaluronic acid that'll help prep your kisser for matte lippies.

    14. An ultra-fine face mist that'll quench thirsty skin and leave your complexion glowing. The combo of coconut and rose waters is gentle enough for sensitive skin and will give you just the right amount of slip for pairing with gua sha massage.

    A flatlay of the face mist on clean sheets next to a rose quartz gua sha tool

    15. An oat-infused serum that'll quell redness and irritation, while doling out some pretty legit hydration to parched skin. It also has a hefty dose of vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that'll protect your skin from environmental pollutants.

    A flatlay of a vial of the facial oil on a textured towel

    16. This gel leave-on mask that will work magic on your skin while you're getting your beauty rest. It feels light as a feather and only needs to be used once or twice a week to help turn back the clock on damage and stress.

    Victoria holds up a jar of the mask against her face with her eyes closed happily

    17. These bamboo face wipes that won't leave your skin feeling drier than a desert. They're drenched in organic honey and jojoba oil, so you can comfortably use them to quickly remove makeup or as the first step in double cleanse.

    18. This creamy exfoliant that'll scrub away buildup like a boss and leave your skin feeling clean as a whistle. Instead of microplastics, it uses rice grains and cherry powder (plus, some skin-loving acids) to help slough away whatever gunk is living in your pores.

    19. This daily skin-rescuing moisturizer that'll feel like a spa day for your face. The lightweight formula will help reduce visible signs of stress and fatigue, so you can live your happiest, glowiest life.

    A flatlay of several bottles of the skin cream surrounded by rose petals and chamomile flowers

    20. Or, an oil-free gel moisturizer, if your skin is on the shinier side. This one's got papaya extract that'll gently slough off dead skin and buildup, while keeping things happy and hydrated (sans that annoying greasy feeling).

    Someone holding up a jar of the product against a colour-coordinated background

    21. A pack of collagen-infused sparkling waters that'll support your skin from the inside out. Each can of fizzy goodness contains five milligrams of marine collagen, plus organic aloe vera powder to keep you glowing and hydrated all day long.

    22. A pack of four sheet masks that'll address just about any skincare issue that pops up. Whether you're looking to soothe, clarify, hydrate, or simply ~zhuzh~ up, this kit's got what you need.

    Several packets of the face masks arranged in an overlapping pattern and splashed with water

    23. This concentrated spot treatment that harnesses the powers of turmeric and calendula to shrink zits and help prevent post-breakout damage. The best part? You only need one drop to start seeing results, so a single vial will last you a long time.

    A close up of someone removing the dropper from the vial of product

    24. These undereye patches equipped with dissolving microneedles that'll deliver serum right where you need it. Instead of just sitting on the surface, these patches actually work from the inside out to plump and hydrate your tender undereye area.

    25. And lastly, a self-warming hand mask that'll soften stubborn cuticles and relieve your itchy, chapped skin. It uses space blanket tech to trap your body's warmth inside the mitt and help the coconut oil-infused serum really work its magic.

    A person wearing a large glove on their hand

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