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    30 Kitchen Gadgets That Are Beloved By Reviewers, And I Just Really Want To Try Them

    BRB, writing a love song to all these awesome gizmos.

    1. This cute little egg cooker that'll help you whip up your breakfast in minutes with almost zero effort. Hard boiled? Poached? Scrambled eggs? Omelets? This baby does it all. Reviewers love that it's safe enough for kids to use, too!

    The egg cooker on a kitchen counter next to some devilled eggs

    2. A set of food-saving covers that will keep your tasty treats fresher for longer. These stretchy lids will fit over all your bowls and containers, and won't come unstuck in the fridge.

    3. This soap-dispensing brush that'll tackle baked-on food and gross pet bowls with ease. This palm-sized wonder is slip resistant (even when wet), has tough nylon bristles, and it won't leak soap all over your counter, either.

    An overhead photo of a soapy metal pan with the scrubbing brush next to it

    4. This magical dough-blending tool that'll help you break up large chunks of butter and batter, so your pastries always turn out flaky (never soggy). The stainless steel prongs are strong enough to withstand constant pressing and chopping, too. It's one kitchen accessory you definitely knead!

    A person kneads butter into a bowl full of flour

    5. A divided cutlery holder that'll stack your forks, knives, and spoons on top of each other, and maximize your precious kitchen real estate. Reviewers love that it only takes up a fraction of a drawer, so you'll have more space for cooking tools and knickknacks (like that oyster shucker you've used maybe once).

    A person places a fork into the organizer

    6. A handy recycling station that'll help you reduce your carbon footprint. It has clearly-marked compartments for glass, plastic, and cardboard, so you won't have to sort through your trash.

    7. This snap-on kitchen strainer that'll make draining your pasta a cinch. The handy edge clips help it cling to pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes, so you can spend less time fiddling with your food and more time enjoying it.

    A person using the strainer to drain pasta over a sink

    8. This pastel-coloured electric kettle that reviewers say is whisper quiet and super speedy. Unlike most kettles, this one features a special compartment in the base that'll allow you to hide the cable (which means less mess on your counter).

    The tea kettle in a neat kitchen next to some macarons

    9. A set of candy-coloured silicone utensils that'll help you turn, flip, drain, scoop, and baste all your culinary creations. The non-stick tips won't scratch your non-stick cookware, either!

    10. This special champagne cork that'll keep your bottle of bubbly fizzy to the last drop. Let's be honest, flat Prosecco just doesn't taste the same.

    A close up of the cork attached to a champagne bottle. there are two glasses of champagne in the background

    11. A tiny knife sharpener that'll help restore your blades to their former glory. It's designed to be used either on a flat surface or counter edge, so you won't have to waste time finding the optimal sharpening angle.

    A person sharpens a knife using the sharpener

    12. A glassware brush that'll reach right down to the bottom of tall cups and wine glasses. Reviewers say it easily removes lipstick and water stains from delicate glassware, and can even be used to scrub pots and pans (without damaging any non-stick finishes).

    13. This nine-piece NutriBullet set that'll help you whip up a healthy smoothie, or even make nut butters at home. The powerful blades will break up even the toughest ingredients so go ahead and get creative.

    A person drinks a veggie juice while blending more fruit in the blender

    14. This meat chopper that will make it easier than ever to stir and cook your fave ground protein. It's time to give your poor spatula a rest! Plus, reviewers say it can even be used as a potato masher and mushroom chopper.

    A person chops ground meat in a pan with the chopping tool

    15. A cheerful little waste bin that'll help hide all your kitchen scraps. Reviewers love that the lid doesn't snap shut while they're using it, so they can easily toss compostable bits into it while they're cooking.

    Someone tosses an apple peel into the open wastebin

    16. This cast iron care set that'll help get your pricey pans looking basically brand new. It'll help you remove stubborn rust stains, season the iron, and give it a good ol' fashioned scrubbing, so your cookware will last for years and years.

    A flatlay of the cast iron cleaning set inside a large clean cast iron pan

    17. A set of four beaded sponges that'll help clean the gunk out of your reusable bottles. A quick shake of these scrubbies will dislodge any residue or gunk currently residing in your drinkware.

    18. A 2-in-1 silicone whisk that's basically the adult version of a Transformer. A quick twist and you can turn your whisk into a flexible spatula that'll handle delicate items (like fish) with basically zero effort.

    Two hands holding the spatula in two configurations

    19. This Mason jar juicer lid that'll turn ordinary jars into lean, mean, juicing machines. It's made of recycled plastic and features a hidden screen that'll filter out pulp and seeds.

    A close up of the juicer lid on a Mason jar filled with orange juice

    20. This spoon holder and steam releaser that'll help keep your pot from boiling over and give you a place to rest your saucy spoon, too. It'll be like you have your own personal sous chef!

    A little crab holding a spoon perched on the edge of a cast iron pot while steam escapes from inside

    21. A handy double dish that'll become your new favourite snack bowl. The removable top section is perfect for serving munchies, while the larger bottom section catches debris (like pistachio shells, olive pits, or edamame pods).

    A flatlay of the bowl filled with pistachios next to some frosty drinks

    22. This easy-to-use salad spinner that'll help get your leafy greens clean and ready for munchin'. Unlike other spinners, this one has a non-slip base, a one-handed knob, and a built-in brake, so you won't end up spraying your kitchen with water droplets.

    23. A cute scouring flower that'll help you fly through dish duty. It's made of sturdy, odour-resistant silicone, so you can say goodbye to stinky dish rags.

    24. A non-stick hamburger press that'll give you perfect patties every single time. Just fill the press with your fave ingredients and use the tamper to form your burger. Reviewers say that it's saved them from spending extra funds on store-bought patties.

    25. This folding steamer basket that'll make giving your fave veggies a steam bath easier than ever. Thanks to its expanding design, it'll fit inside just about any pot — Reviewers say it even fits their Instant Pots!

    26. This cookbook stand that has a measurement converter right on the front, so you won't have to do math the next time you're just trying to satisfy a sweet tooth. Reviewers say it holds even the thickest cookbooks and is great for keeping tablets elevated, too.

    27. This meatball maker that'll help you churn out delicious little balls of flavour with minimum kitchen mess. Reviewers say it not only saves them a ton of time on meal prep, but also packs neatly into the freezer.

    A person removes meatballs from the silicone mould

    28. These reusable silicone bags that can be used for marinating food, cooking things sous-vide style, and stashing snacks. The pinch-press seal will keep saucy foods contained (bye, leaks!), and unlike regular plastic bags, they don't contain latex or PVC.

    29. This ceramic garlic grater that'll save you time on chopping the next time you're whipping up a meal. Reviewers say the tiny sharp nodes reduce garlic to a fine pulp and can even tackle harder foods (like ginger and turmeric) with ease.

    A circular glazed ceramic grating dish next to several heads of fresh garlic

    30. And finally, a marble dish-drying mat that'll look so good on your counter, you might actually want to do dishes. This magical mat can absorb up to four times its weight in water and is cushion-y enough to keep delicate stemware safe during the drying process.

    A set of cutlery and some plates on the marble patterned drying mat

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