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    23 Awesome And Handy Products That You'll Find Any Excuse To Use

    And almost everything's under $50!

    1. One of these coin-shaped keychains that'll help you snag a shopping cart at the grocery store. They're 3D printed to replicate the shape of a toonie or quarter, so you won't have rifle around in your pockets for loose change.

    2. A double-tiered steamer that'll help you whiz through meal prep twice as fast. Reviewers love that the auto shut-off feature prevents food from overcooking, so you can literally set it and forget it.

    A person turning the knob on a two-tiered steamer

    3. A holographic handbag that'll help you stash your stuff in style. The magical colour-changing fabric means it'll match with just about every outfit, too!

    4. A tasting trio of raw honeys that'll add some pizzazz to your tea and toasts. These sweet treats are infused with tons of yummy flavours (like cinnamon, turmeric, and rose oil) that boost their health benefits, too!

    5. A film and slide scanner that'll help you digitize your old family photos. Reviewers say it works better than a traditional flatbed scanner — even on really old film negatives!

    A smartphone resting on the top platform of the scanner with a slide on the bottom platform

    6. A pair of cooling cups that'll keep your drinks frosty, without diluting them. They also have silicone grips that'll keep your digits from freezing the next time you're sipping a frosty glass of Pinot Grigio.

    7. These decongesting pore strips that'll suck out any gunk currently living under your skin (rude) and help stop future breakouts in their tracks. They're super gentle on skin, but are sticky enough to grab every last speck of dirt and oil.

    8. A set of strawberry-shaped tea lights that'll help you set the mood. Each faux fruit is infused with a winter berry scent and is free of any synthetic ingredients, so you'll get a clean, soot-free burn.

    A burning strawberry-shaped candle in a ceramic saucer

    9. These rotating accessory hooks that'll keep your belts, bags, and scarves from disappearing into the depths of your closet. Reviewers also use them to prevent doggie leashes from getting tangled.

    A set of three rotating hooks laden with hats, scarves, and purses

    10. These grippy socks that'll help keep your feet from sliding around inside your boots. The huge gripping area makes them perfect for yoga, barre, or pilates, so you can hold that pose without slipping around your floors.

    11. This corner bookmark that'll help you save your page, without adding extra bulk to your book. Plus, the snuggly fit ensures it won't slide out from between the pages.

    A cute fabric square bookmark that fits over the corner of an open book

    12. A kitchen drawer organizer that'll keep your gadgets tidy and easy to find. No more rummaging around for that wine opener!

    An open drawer with the cutlery organizer inside

    13. A rechargeable handheld blender that reviewers say is powerful enough to whiz together ice, frozen fruit, and nut butters in seconds. No bells and whistles here — you'll be off and blending at the press of a button.

    A handheld blender filled with fresh orange juice next to wedges of clementines

    14. A snap-on strainer that'll help you drain your grains, veggies, and pastas, without dumping them all over your sink. Reviewers love that it clips easily onto any pot (even the ones with a lip).

    A person using the strainer to drain some pasta into the sink

    15. These slim velvet hangers that'll help you tidy up your closet. Their fabric coating helps even breezy blouses stay put and since they're so skinny, they'll take up less space than their bulky plastic counterparts.

    16. This velvety mattifying primer that'll absorb excess oil and lock your makeup in place. The sheer shade works great on all skin tones, too, so you won't have to stress about swapping shades between seasons.

    17. A portable campfire that'll help satisfy your s'mores craving in a snap. It burns recycled soy wax that won't get all sooty and smoky, and reviewers say it's lightweight enough to carry on winter hikes.

    A person sitting next to the circular mini fireplace

    18. A set of kitchen knives that's totally out of this world. Reviewers say they stay super sharp and love that the galactic print doesn't shave off during sharpening.

    19. These self-watering plant pots that'll save you from drowning your plants. They use a cotton rope uptake system that'll keep things from getting swampy, and eliminate the need for daily waterings, too.

    Several of the circular plant pots arranged on a minimalist shelf

    20. A set of nesting kitchen utensils that'll save you TONS of space on your counter. The slim magnetic stand makes organization a snap and will keep all your essential kitchen tools in one place.

    21. This anti-chafing powder that'll keep your butt and bits dry and comfortable, no matter what you put them through. This sweat absorber and friction fighter contains calamine powder to help any and all skin irritations.

    A bottle of the anti-friction powder is laid flat on a carpet next to a dumbbell

    22. This temperature-controlled smart mug that'll keep your favourite hot drink warm for hours. You'll never have to suffer through tepid coffee again!

    A person holding the mug in front of them

    23. And finally, a lavender-infused pedicure sponge that'll buff away dead skin and dirt from your tootsies. The addition of tea tree oil helps to keep athlete's foot and fungi at bay, too!

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