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    23 Things From Banana Republic You'll Wanna Wear On Repeat This Fall

    A bunch of stuff is on sale, too!

    1. A split-hem silk skirt that'll give your pants a run for their money. The best part? It doesn't require any special care so you won't have to haul your butt to the dry cleaner if it ever gets dirty.

    2. Or a pair of stretchy corduroys if you're not ready to kiss your pants goodbye just yet. These bum-hugging pantaloons are made of tencel (a soft, eco-friendly fibre made of wood pulp) which means they won't chafe like other materials *cough* denim *cough*.

    3. A quilted basketball jacket that'll blend your fave bomber aesthetic with the casual cool of a varsity coat. It's made of thick French terry and recycled polyester that'll block out the chill.

    someone wearing the quilted jacket; it has knitted sleeves and a puffy torso

    4. A silky-soft long-sleeved tee if you're already planning your fall layers. It's made of a cotton-modal blend that'll never feel itchy or stuffy — no matter how sweaters you pile on.

    5. A scoop-neck t-shirt dress that'll become your fave grab 'n' go outfit. The buttery-soft material is semi-fitted in all the right places (with plenty of stretch to keep things feeling comfy).

    6. A slim-fit dress shirt that'll always look crisp and smooth, no matter how many times you wear it. Seriously — the soft cotton is resistant to wrinkling so you won't have to drag your ironing kit out the next time you get dressed.

    a side profile of a person wearing the wrinkle-resistant oxford shirt

    7. A super-cozy poncho if sleeves and zippers just aren't in the cards for you this season. Drape it over all your chunky knits or wear it belted if you're feeling a more fitted vibe.

    8. A crewneck varsity sweater you'll wanna rock 'til the cows come home (or, y'know, until laundry day). The soft yarn's made of breathable organic cotton that won't make you melt when the fall temps start to go a little haywire.

    9. A pair of breathable leggings that'll keep you comfy when you're working out (or just hanging out). They have handy hidden pockets for stashing all your essentials, plus a spot for your phone if you feel like going bag-free for the day.

    a person riding a bike while wearing the leggings with a long cardigan

    10. A brushed flannel shirt that's designed to be worn untucked (for that cool, off-duty vibe). The hem's actually cut an inch shorter than other button-down shirts to keep it looking polished instead of frumpy.

    11. An oversized poplin shirt that'll look polished enough for the office but still feel comfy on the weekends. Rock it over a tee while the weather's still warm, or slip a sweater or jacket over top to keep the cold at bay.

    a person wearing the poplin shirt with a pair of pleated wool trousers

    12. An oversized shacket that'll basically become the MVP of your cold weather wardrobe. It's made of dense boiled wool that'll keep out chilly winds without being too thick to slip on under your winter coats later in the season.

    a smiling person wearing the belted shacket with chunky jewellery

    13. A pair of tapered chinos that'll repel stains and resist wrinkles so you can wear them over and over (and over). They're made of a soft, stretchy fabric and are cut to give you a lil' extra room in the bum and thighs.

    14. A comfy turtleneck tunic that'll cover your bum when the temps start to dip. The split hem is *chef's kiss* for a stylish French tuck, too!

    someone looking over their shoulder while wearing the split-hem tunic turtleneck

    15. A pair of fleecy joggers that'll keep your keister cozy (while still looking polish as heck, I might add). The brushed inside will feel like your fave pair of sweatpants, but the tapered legs and crisp tailoring keep them from looking too casual.

    a person wearing the joggers with the matching sweatshirt under a long wool coat

    16. A classic turtleneck that'll never go out of style. The wool yarn is woven from offcuts and scraps then knitted into a timeless piece that doesn't contribute to landfill waste.

    a person wearing the ribbed turtleneck over a dress shirt; a leather camera bag is slung over their shoulder

    17. A long-sleeved henley that'll feel perfectly broken-in the second you slip it on. It's cut to cling perfectly to your shoulders and arms, and the flat seams won't chafe your skin.

    18. A pair of French terry joggers that won't make your legs dissolve into a sweaty mess during warm afternoons. They have flattering tapered legs and are mid-rise (because anyone who says low-rise pants are comfy is a liar).

    someone sitting cross legged on a hardwood floor while wearing the tapered joggers

    19. A stretchy suit jacket that's as low-maintenance as you are. Like your fave workout gear, it's quick-drying and temperature-regulating (with the added bonus of resisting wrinkles, too).

    a person riding a scooter while wearing the stretchy blazer-shaped jacket

    20. A plush and airy turtleneck that'll keep you warm and toasty without turning you into a sweaty mess. The relaxed fit and stretchy knit are made for layering (no matter how cold it gets).

    someone wearing the turtleneck tucked into loose-fitting jeans under a trench coat

    21. A chunky half-zip sweater that'll wrap you in coziness from now until spring. The knit is a blend of recycled wool and cashmere that'll lock in your body heat so you could even rock this as a coat before the weather gets too brisk.

    22. A slouchy linen tee that'll keep you cool and fresh (instead of sweaty and sticky). It's perfect for days when summer's heat still lingers in the air and will help regulate your body temperature under thicker layers when the mercury plummets.

    a person wearing the slouchy linen shirt with a pair of simple shorts

    23. And lastly, a ribbed sweater polo that'll stretch to fit your frame without feeling claustrophobic. It's made of a sustainable fibre derived from wood pulp so it's breathable enough to wear under thicker sweaters and coats later in the season.

    Fall is undoubtedly the most stylish season, guys.

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