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    22 Random Things From Urban Outfitters You'll Probably Use Every Dang Day

    Live smarter, not harder, people!

    1. This stain-removing spray that's strong enough to tackle red wine splotches. The all-natural formula is gentle enough for all fabrics, won't fade colour, and can even remove those sunk-in stains you accidentally missed the first time around.

    A flatlay of the stain-removing spray on a colourful background

    2. A plant-watering bag that'll deliver life-saving H2O to all your parched greenery. The gradual drip means you'll never have to stress about accidentally drowning finicky plants (or forgetting to water them altogether).

    3. A puffy laptop sleeve that'll protect your device from bonks and bumps. The material is strong enough to resist ripping and tearing, so you'll be able to lug it around to all your meetings, classes, and everything in between.

    A person holding several puffy laptop sleeves

    4. This serum wand that'll fight any scarring and dark spots left behind by pimples and acne. The magic comes from natural acids and plant extracts that'll help your skin heal and recover (and won't dry it out in the process).

    A person rolling the serum over their hand using the rollerball tip

    5. A pack of fizzing toilet tabs that'll lift away all that gunk and save you from having to do the ~dirty~ work yourself. Plonk one into your bowl and you're set!

    Several fizzing cubes on a simple background

    6. This mosquito-zapping lantern that'll stop those lil' bloodsuckers from ruining your outdoor hangs. It uses blue light to lure them to their doom and is water resistant, too, so it won't get ruined if you forget to bring it inside one night.

    7. This water filter that'll eliminate any trace of chlorine and impurities from your bathwater. It's also infused with the soothing scent of lavender (plus tea tree oil, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid) to treat your hair and skin to a spa-like experience right at home.

    8. A squishy stress ball that'll help you unwind after a trying day. Pull it, throw it, knead it, twist it — it'll always return to its original shape, ready to help you de-stress another day.

    9. A set of adorable nylon ties that'll help sort out your messy cables. Let's be honest — they're way cuter than boring old zip ties.

    10. This mini Theragun percussive massager that'll massage sore muscles into submission. It's small enough to tuck in your bag, but doesn't sacrifice on power — perfect for busting knots on the go!

    Someone holding the mini percussive massager to show scale

    11. A computer desk armrest that'll make your WFH setup a little more ergonomic. It snaps on easily, so you won't have to decode any complicated instructions or whip out your toolkit.

    A top-down view of the clip-on arm rest attached to a desk

    12. An adorable air purifier that'll rid your space of any bacteria that's floating around on the breeze. Don't be fooled by its petite stature — it has a HEPA filter and is equipped with a sanitizing UV light to really tackle all kinds of impurities.

    A mini air purifier on a desk; it's shaped like a boba tea

    13. A minuscule vacuum that'll tidy all your eeny-weeny messes. It's perfectly suited for picking up crumbs, craft debris, and *shudders* glitter.

    A person using the mini vacuum to clean up crumbs on a sofa

    14. This ingrown hair oil that'll halt those annoying bumps before they even appear. The combo of antibacterial tea tree oil and hydrating coconut oil will leave your skin silky-soft after epilation (instead of chafed and irritated).

    15. One of these cable-reinforcing clips that'll keep your charger in peak condition for more than five minutes. It'll keep your cords from bending and protect them from pets with a penchant for chomping, too.

    A set of animal-shaped cable clips attached to charging cables

    16. A sleek essential oil diffuser for your car that'll help you refresh your ride. It's designed to clip right onto your vents, so it won't go rattling around the next time you set out for a drive.

    A tubular oil diffuser clipped onto a car vent

    17. This plush little heating pad that'll banish aches and pains to another dimension. It's filled with natural buckwheat and lavender (not gel), so you won't have to worry about leaks or spills.

    A person laying down and cuddling with the uterus-shaped pad

    18. This 2-in-1 phone sleeve that'll help you keep your essentials in one neat spot. It can hold up to three cards and has an attached PopSocket to prop up your device.

    A slim wallet sleeve on a phone with an attached popsocket phone stand

    19. A portable electric heater that'll keep you cozy when the AC's blasting. It's small enough to keep on your desk and even has a handy fan-only function on the days you want to beat the heat instead.

    A portable space heater on a vanity

    20. A silicone back scrubber that'll help you wash those hard-to-reach places. It has textured nodes to slough away grime and is equipped with grippy handles to keep it from slipping from your soapy grasp.

    A textured back scrubber on a penny tile bathroom floor

    21. This dual-purpose watering can that understands the fickle needs of your plants way better than you do. It has a built-in spray nozzle, so you can easily flip between dousing and misting (without having to juggle two different bottles).

    22. And lastly, a miniature sewing machine, if you're not sure if you're ready to fully commit to a new hobby just yet. It has a light-up workspace to make detail work easier and a four-step buttonhole to help you stitch those suckers back on.

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