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    27 Cool Things That Seem Like Impulse Buys But Are Actually Really Handy

    I'd use these any day that ends in "Y".

    1. This ultra-slim multitool that'll help you tackle common problems, without having to dig around for your toolkit. It's about as thin as a credit card, so it'll fit right inside your wallet.

    2. This water-collecting boot rack that'll protect your floors from slush and salt. The V-shape platforms provide drainage, giving your footwear the chance to properly dry (and not just sit in a puddle).

    3. A set of double outline metallic pens that'll turn you into a true ~artiste~. They'll dress up your journals, notebooks, and scrapbooks in just a few swipes!

    A centre piece of paper doodled with the metallic outline markers

    4. This superhero bookend that'll keep your tomes from toppling over. The unique design actually works better with heavier books, so you can go ahead and load it up.

    5. This floral print AirPods case that'll protect your earphones from getting dinged up in your bag. It's way slimmer than other cases, so it won't take up every square inch of your pocket.

    A person holding up a pair of AirPods that are covered in a floral-print case

    6. A pair of plush hair scrunchies that'll suck all the water out of your strands and help you cut down on drying time. Reviewers say they work great even on thick hair and leave their strands feeling soft and looking beach babe-worthy (sans hot tools).

    7. This hot sauce sampler pack that'll ~spice~ up your home cooking. Reviewers love that each sauce is incredibly flavourful (and not just mouth-wateringly hot).

    8. These deodorizing shoe balls that'll freshen up your stinky footwear. They're equipped with a fresh scent that'll release with a quick twist of the spheres, and can last up to six months.

    9. This unscented facial spray that'll rescue your skin from redness, breakouts, and irritation. Reviewers say it's the most effective product they've tried for persistent acne and love that it speeds up their skin's healing process, too.

    10. This bendy magnetic tool that'll help you retrieve your stuff from hard-to-reach places. It's strong enough to pull even heavier items out of nooks and crannies (like, up to four pounds' worth of items).

    A person using the magnetic tool to retrieve something from a sink drain

    11. A holographic handbag that'll help you stash your stuff in style. The magical colour-changing fabric means it'll match with just about every outfit, too!

    12. This chic watering can that might actually help you remember to hydrate your leafy babies. It has an extra-long gooseneck spout that'll help prevent spills and make watering teeny-tiny plants a breeze.

    13. These grippy socks that'll help keep your feet from sliding around inside your boots. The huge gripping area makes them perfect for yoga, barre, or pilates, so you can hold that pose without slipping around your floors.

    14. These shatterproof wine glasses that'll stand up to all your sippin' needs. They're made of recyclable plastic and are designed to stack and lock in place, making them perfect for picnics, road trips, or patio hangouts.

    A person pouring sangria into a pair of stacking plastic wine glasses

    15. These self-watering plant pots that'll save you from drowning your plants. They use a cotton rope uptake system that'll keep things from getting swampy, and eliminate the need for daily waterings, too.

    Several of the circular plant pots arranged on a minimalist shelf

    16. This neat sofa coaster that'll keep your drink within the reach the next time you're couch surfing. It's designed to fit right over the armrest, so you can ditch your coffee table and binge-watch in comfort.

    A large coaster draped over the armrest of a sofa holding a beer bottle

    17. A fluffy rainbow-hued blanket that'll wrap you in plush comfort during your next movie marathon. Reviewers say it works great as a quilt, duvet for kids' beds, or even to line your fur baby's sleeping quarters.

    A tie-dyed faux sherpa blanket draped over a bed

    18. A set of kitchen knives that's totally out of this world. Reviewers say they stay super sharp and love that the galactic print doesn't shave off during sharpening.

    19. This motion-activated light that'll help you find your way to the bathroom for a midnight tinkle. It has adjustable brightness and auto shut-off timers, so you won't need to worry about wasting energy.

    A person getting out of bed with the lights mounted under the edge of the bed

    20. These stackable nesting containers that'll keep your leftovers fresh for longer (and only take up a teensy amount of precious cupboard space). The airtight lids mean they're great for homemade sauces and soups, too.

    21. This sweet lil' entryway mat that'll scrape salt and snow off your boots, so you can keep your home free of mess. It's made of super strong coconut fibres and has a non-slip backing, so you won't be slip-sliding around on wet soles.

    A door mat that says home sweet home on a brick path

    22. A pair of adorable elephant coasters that'll prevent your drinks from ruining your coffee table. Since they're made of rubber, they'll keep your drink right where you left it and minimize the risk of spillage.

    23. A roll of patterned ribbon that'll dress up your Valentine's Day gifts. The delicately frayed edges give it a cute rustic touch, and with no glitter or shimmer to speak of, you won't find yourself covered in sparkles afterwards.

    A roll of fabric ribbon covered in hand-drawn illustrations of hearts

    24. This kitchen scrap trap that'll slip right over your existing cabinetry and help you contain kitchen messes. It even comes with a slim scraping brush, so even the smallest crumb doesn't stand a chance.

    A person scraping kitchen scraps into the over-the-cabinet trap

    25. A trio of wall-mounted terrarium bowls that'll jazz up your blank walls. They're perfect for succulents, air plants, or just some cool rocks you collected at the park.

    A trio of bulbous terrarium planters hung on a wall

    26. A set of lovely stoneware measuring cups that might actually inspire you take up baking. The best part is that they stack into one another, saving you a ton of space in your kitchen.

    A set of four ceramic measuring cups staged in a rustic kitchen

    27. And finally, this rubber stopper that'll snag loose strands and keep them from clogging your drain. With a single press of the top button, it'll turn into a regular plug. Simply press again to open the top and take advantage of it's hair-catching abilities.

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