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    19 Products That'll Help You Clean All The Nooks And Crannies In Your Home

    I'd spend any amount of money to make cleaning easier😫.

    1. This record-cleaning goo that'll de-dust your vinyls, without affecting their playability. It'll tuck right into the grooves, so no speck of debris will be able to hide.

    A person using the cleaning goo to clean a record

    2. An electric scrubber that'll cut down on chorin' time. The oscillating brush is small enough to get into all your nooks and crannies and will blast away grime like nobody's business.

    3. A bottle of all-purpose cleaner that'll help you tackle all sorts of household messes, without leaving behind any chemical stench. It's safe for all hard surfaces, like sinks, countertops, and walls, so you can get your home fresh and clean from top to bottom.

    A person using the all-purpose cleaner on a wooden coffee table

    4. These dusting sheets that'll pick up all the hair, glitter, and other microscopic ~schmutz~ in your home. They're lightly coated with an adhesive and can be wrapped around your existing cleaning wands, so you won't have to stock up on a hundred and one handles.

    A person dusting a lamp shade with one of the dusting sheets attached to a long broom handle

    5. This stainless steel cleaner polish that'll help you buff out fingerprints, smudges, and grease on all your appliances. The formula easily dissolves grime and leaves behind a protective film to keep new streaks from forming.

    6. This stain-removing spray that's strong enough to tackle red wine splotches. The all-natural formula is gentle enough for all fabrics, won't fade colour, and can even remove those sunk-in stains you accidentally missed the first time around.

    A flatlay of the stain-removing spray on a colourful background

    7. A UV sanitizing box that'll obliterate all the germs living on your devices. It's deep enough to even accommodate your sunglasses and keys and, unlike other disinfectants, won't leave your gadgets sopping wet.

    The disinfecting box with a phone peeking out of it

    8. Or a pack of these tech wipes, if you need to clean things on the go. They're gentle enough to use on eyeglasses and are completely fragrance free, too.

    A person using one of the tech wipes to clean the screen on their phone

    9. These drain-deodorizing sticks that'll stop stink in its tracks and keep your pipes from getting clogged up. They're safe for all plumbing systems and super simple to use — just pop one in your drain once a month to keep things fresh and clean for weeks.

    Someone inserting one of the deodorizing sticks into a sink drain

    10. This clog-dissolving drain cleaner that'll blast through all kinds of blockages — even grease and hair. Reviewers say it's more cost-effective than calling a plumber, with even better results.

    A bottle of the drain cleaner perched on the edge of a tub

    11. A lint remover that'll de-pill your fave sweater, without damaging the fibres. It's completely manual and has a built-in lint brush, so you can keep all your fabrics clean and smooth.

    12. One of these groove-cleaning brushes that'll slide right into dirty crevices and other hard-to-reach nooks. Reviewers say it's effective at cleaning everything from windowsills to baseboards!

    Someone using the narrow brush to clean around the rim of a sink

    13. A pack of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers that'll tackle even the most bonkers kitchen messes (seriously — not even baked-on egg yolks stand a chance). Unlike regular sponges, they won't shred or disintegrate before you've had a chance to finish.

    14. A fridge deodorizer that'll suck all the stink out of your most-used appliance. Reviewers say it tackles all kinds of household odours (like frying bacon) and can be used to bust smelly freezers, too.

    An angry-looking character inside a fridge

    15. A minuscule vacuum that'll tidy all your eeny-weeny messes. It's perfectly suited for picking up crumbs, craft debris, and *shudders* glitter.

    A person using the mini vacuum to clean up crumbs on a sofa

    16. This mini broom and dust pan set that'll help you tidy tiny messes without needing to whip out your whole cleaning kit. The silicone-rimmed dustpan is super deep, so dust and dirt will stay contained.

    The mini broom sweeps dust into the mini dustpan as a cat watches

    17. A pack of fizzing toilet tabs that'll lift away all that gunk and save you from having to do the ~dirty~ work yourself. Plonk one into your bowl and you're set!

    Several fizzing cubes on a simple background

    18. A bottle of Goo Gone grout cleaner that'll make your tiles look brand-spankin' new. It'll easily dissolve soap scum and a whole slew of stains (yes, even from mould and mildew), without damaging your precious tilework.

    19. And lastly, a mopping robot that'll clean your floors, so you won't have to. It's whisper-quiet and, thanks to its square shape, can easily get all the grime hiding in the corners of your home.

    The robot mop cleaning a hardwood floor; two feet are visible for size reference

    My house after I go on a mad cleaning spree:

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