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Tools To Improve Your Gardening Experience

Every gardener starts its garden with a set of basic tools. The number of tools increases once they get a feel for their garden and their needs. Here is a list of tools you can do without but will make your life much easier to have them around.

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AMS sharpshooter shovel


This shovel is a tool particularly useful for digging in hard soil. It is not too convenient due to its weight but it will keep you from becoming frustrated during heat when the ground is rock-solid. It can dig narrow deep holes with ease.

A wheelbarrow


This will make your job a lot easier and kinder on your back. You will be able to carry greater loads at one time or, for example, collect debris in one place instead of creating a number of small piles.

A hedge trimmer


It does pretty much the same job as your hedge clippers, but it is quicker and more precise. You will find it incredibly easy to shape your hedge whichever way you want it with a tool which cuts through it like a hot knife through butter.

A leaf blower/vacuum


An incredibly useful tool, it will be one of your best friends during autumn. Once leaves start falling there is something for you to do every day. Having this tool around will make collecting leaves a piece of cake and it will only last for a couple of minutes.

A hori hori knife


This is a multipurpose soil knife for weeding, digging, planting and transplanting, splitting etc. It has a very sharp blade and it is concave to make it a great digging tool with nothing in its way to stop it. It is sturdy enough for you to be able to dig through very hard and dry land.

Even though due to its shape it can remind you of a little trowel, bare in mind that this is a sharp knife and you can easily hurt yourself if you are not careful.

A hose reel


This is a tool you can live without but the moment you get one, you will realize that you should have gotten it a long time ago. Most of the gardeners use really long hoses so I suggest getting 30m retractable hose reels to be able to accommodate those. Not only that it will be folded neatly but with a retractable reel putting it away will be a breeze.

A ladder


There are always those high shelves you cannot reach. Having ladder is good for cleaning gutters, dusting, painting, hanging curtains, Christmas decorations etc. the list goes on and on… luckily a ladder is thin and can easily fit the tight space between the wardrobe and the wall.


Starting with the basic ones will make you appreciate having the listed tools. Once you try them out you will always stick to them.

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