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Must-Have Personal Healthcare Gadgets

Gadgets are getting niftier and more innovative with each new year, and it’s especially exciting to see how smart devices can help us lead healthier lives. From monitoring your vital signs alone at home and being able to share them with your doctor, to tiny gadgets that ensure your water is drinkable, easy-to-use portable technology is here to give you more control over your well-being. Here are some favourite personal healthcare gadgets that can be truly life-saving or just help you reach your health goals.

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Blood pressure


The Omron-Evolv blood pressure monitoring device is easy to use, wireless and portable, made for measuring and recording your blood pressure levels, which can later be shared via app (it’s compatible with both iOS and Android). This one is singled out from other blood-pressure monitoring gadgets because it is clinically validated and it uses improved algorithms so that interference form movement is eliminated and readings are more clinically accurate.

Heart health


You can now have your own portable EKG monitor to track heart health easily whenever and wherever you want to. AliveCor has designed this tiny, super nifty device and it has been FDA approved. In just 30 seconds, you get a medical-grade electrocardiogram delivered to your smartphone with their app, Kardia Mobile.



The biggest health risk of the 21st century can hopefully be fought with the help of technology. Muse InteraXon offers a lightweight headband that monitors brain activity during meditation, and then transmits the information via Bluetooth to your computer, smartphone or tablet. It’s not just about recording data, but giving you real-time information on your stress levels and helpful tips on achieving a state of calm. On top of that, it’s designed to encourage meditation as an everyday habit, with motivational challenges and rewards.

Dental hygiene


You may be wondering if there’s even reason for comparing electric vs. manual toothbrushes, but don’t be fooled – new technology has brought unique changes to both types so that you can find your preference. If you prefer manual toothbrushes, they’re getting much more futuristic as the interest in sustainable products constantly rises. Such is the Boie toothbrush, which is 100% recyclable and has silver particles embedded into the head because of it microbial properties. Electric toothbrushes are evolving as well, as different brands have announced mouthpiece electric toothbrushes to market in 2018.

Healthier eating


Lo and behold, the HAPIFork – a smart fork whose aim it is to coach you healthier eating habits! It has a built-in accelerometer to track hand motion between bites so it lights up and vibrates when you’re eating too fast (which is, admittedly, a reminder most people need in our busy world). It has a micro USB connector and corresponding mobile app so you can keep track of your eating stats on your smartphone.

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