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15 Crazy Dance Crazes

Behold 15 dance crazes of past and present with one thing in common: You've tried to do each of these. To see some absurdly hot, dramatic people pull of dance moves you could never even try, check out Hit The Floor, airing Mondays, 9/8C, on VH1.

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1. The Charleston

2. The Twist

3. Breakdancing

4. The Hustle

5. The YMCA

6. Thriller

7. The Electric Slide

Oh, white people.

8. The Robot

9. The Cabbage Patch

10. Vogue

11. Twerk

12. Gangnam Style!

13. Heeeeeey, Maracarena

14. The Cha Cha Slide

15. And, oh right. The Harlem Shake