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10 Commandments All Girls Should Learn From Nicole Richie

If you learn from your mistakes, Nicole would be the first to tell you that she's learned a lot. Catch all her words of wisdom when #CandidlyNicole premieres Thurs., July 17 on VH1.

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10. Thou shalt keep the past behind you and always look forward.

VH1 / #CandidlyNicole

9. Thou shalt express thyself however thy damn well please.

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8. Thou shalt beat the haters at their own game.

7. Thou shalt demand the respect thou deserves. / Via #CandidlyNicole

6. Thou shalt see the value in thy true friends.


5. Thou shalt accept the consequences of thine own actions.

4. Thou shalt never forget where thou came from.

3. Thou shalt be real and keep it even realer.

VH1 / #CandidlyNicole

2. Thou shalt never give up on what's truly important.


1. And thou shalt believe in the possibility of true love.

VH1 / #CandidlyNicole

Will thou catch the premiere of #CandidlyNicole Thurs., July 17 on VH1?