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Tiny, Very Nice Things You Can Do For Yourself Every Day

Repeat after me: "I DO have time!"

If you're like me, you see or hear the phrase "self-care" and are all...

Because maybe (like me...) long baths and meditation sessions aren't your jam, or massages and mani-pedis aren't your bank account's jam. Also there's this thing called time...and those things take up a lot of it.

But being nice to yourself doesn't have to blow up your calendar. Think about adding some of these small gestures into your daily routine โ€” and you'll realize that just a little TLC goes a long way.

1. Spend just five minutes outdoors.

2. Text or call away!

3. Try an essential oil...

4. ...or a mood-boosting food.

5. Pet a furry friend.

6. Write down something you are thankful for...

7. ...and something you are awesome at.

8. Take a quick stretch break.

9. Let your inner child come out for a bit.

10. Wear something that invokes good memories.

11. Read (or watch) something purely for enjoyment.

12. Daydream!

13. And seriously...make your bed.