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9 Valentine's Day Gifts That Are So Great It Doesn't Matter If They're Late

Sweet, sweet redemption.

1. A beard oil for your partner who prizes his beard above all else.


Just tell him Kalahari melon oil (lol what?) is the new coconut oil, and your sins will be forgotten with the help of this small, very manly bottle.

Get it from Jack Black for $26.

2. A crown catch-all dish for your queen who wishes she was actually a royal.


Kate, Meghan, and Her Majesty (and her corgis) would approve of this classy and handy catch-all for jewelry or knickknacks. Don't be afraid to call her "my queen" either for extra forgiveness.

Get it from West Elm for $20.

3. Instructional cards for your yogi.


I mean, come on — they can bring these instructional cards to the gym, on work trips, or to their actual yoga class just in case the instructor isn't up to snuff. SO thoughtful!

Get them from HoneycombDesignLtd on Etsy for $17.99.

4. A customized product for your lover who loves your pet more than you.


This might actually be you should definitely let them customize an item of their choosing (yes, let THEM pick the item) with a beautiful image of your good boy or girl — on your dime.

Get it from Pop Your Pup for $39.99+.

5. A zen garden for your ASMR-obsessed person.


First of all, can you get any cuter than a lil' mini zen garden with a teeny-tiny rake?! The satisfaction of making designs in the sand and hearing its rustle will instantly overpower any annoyed feelings.

Get it from Buddha Groove for $36.

6. A set of stamps for your bullet journalist.


Just ONE sub-$10 package contains 65 stamps to cover basically any to-do you can think of. I don't even BuJo and now I want to start just looking that these beauts. Hint hint, husband.

Get them from Blitsy for $7.19.

7. A package for your self-care-obsessed sweetheart.


Just seeing "self-care" on the package will set their heart aflutter. Everyone loves a lil' gift box, and this one delivers: a face mask, eye mask, lavender essential oil, ear plugs, mini water infuser, enamel pin, eye gel packs, and a habit tracker! Oh my!

Get it from Papersource for $26.95.

8. Fuzzy headphones for your chronically cold beloved.


Headphones + sheepskin + snuggly cozy ridiculousness = love and forgiveness.

Get them from Ugg for $29.99.

9. And finally, a print for your hopeless romantic who just wants to sink into a soft cloud of love and hearts for all eternity:


Yes, it's a print of the best love quote from the best rom-com of all time. It is (belated) Valentine's Day, after all! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Get it from PeanutoakPrint on Etsy for $15+.