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    This Deaf DJ Is The Beethoven Of Turntables

    DJ Robbie Wilde has almost complete hearing loss, but regularly plays huge events. Here's how.

    This is DJ Robbie Wilde.

    Isaac Brekken / Getty Images

    He's been 90% deaf since the age of 11.


    Despite this, he's made a career out of his DJ skills.

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    Robbie Wilde uses technology that allows him to see and feel the frequencies of the music in order to make his mixes. These include DJ software that help him visualize the differences between vocals, bass, and other musical elements as well as tools that transfer vibrations to his body. Despite his inability to hear, he's been DJing since high school and has made a name for himself by playing such big-name events as the Sundance Film Festival and Consumer Electronics Show. Although he readily embraces the name "That Deaf DJ," which is how he first became known on the DJ circuit in his home state of New Jersey, he also stresses that he prefers being seen as "a great DJ that just happens to be deaf."

    Here are some of his mixes.