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    Posted on May 13, 2013

    Eagles Of Death Metal And Jack Black Got Interviewed By An Alien

    His name is Gorburger and he asks the tough questions in this episode of his show. Also, Wayne Coyne and Flea dance around in hula skirts.

    The Gorburger Show is an online talk show manned by a filthy, hilarious alien.

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    He interviews people like Tegan and Sara, as seen in the episode above, plus other music-world people like Henry Rollins, Wayne Coyne and Andrew WK, and it's amazing. His lines of questioning are bizarre, dirty, and funny as hell.

    The final episode of season two features Jack Black and Eagles of Death Metal getting super weird.

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    Some of the topics covered include butt nipples, new nicknames, torture devices, and memories of episodes past, like when Gorburger accused Flea of playing a ukulele with his wang. Eagles of Death Metal also perform in order to stop Jack Black from crying, which is pretty nice of them. And after watching this, you won't be able to call Jack Black anything but "Jaybeez" again, per Gorburger's new pet name for him.

    Watch more Gorburger insanity here.