The 32 Cutest Pairs Of Headphones In The Entire World

Oh my god, look at your ears, they’re adorable.

1. Matryoshka dolls

Tiger ears

What kind of music do tigers like? These Neff headphones also come in bear and “snowcat” varieties.

3. Bows

The rhinestones make ‘em extra cute.

5. Hearts

Aww, you love music so much that your ears are little cartoon hearts.

7. Jigglypuff!

You can (but totally don’t have to) listen to other things besides “Jiggly’s Song” on these adorbz earbuds.

9. Cat ears

Continuing the animal-ear trend, these are perfect for cat enthusiasts and/or furries, if that’s your thing (no judgement here).

10. Lightning bolts

I think it’s fun to think of ear buds as you would earrings, which makes these an especially cool choice.

11. Cupcakes ‘n’ candy

What could possibly be sweeter?

12. Captain America

13. …and also like every Marvel comic

14. Screws

In case you want to look like a way cuter version of Frankenstein!

15. Pokéballs



17. Galaxies

19. More lightning, STUDS EDITION

20. Pizza Hut

With bonus radio!

21. Super Mario-themed

22. Knit

Like a sweater for your ears! These are the perfect marriage of headphones and earmuffs.

24. Adventure Time!

25. …times two!

26. Cheeseburgers

I think a perfect life would be eating a cheeseburger while listening to Gang of Four’s “Cheeseburger Song” through cheeseburger headphones.

27. Powerpuff Girls

28. Furry leopard print

29. Pandas

Because who doesn’t want tiny baby pandas on their head at all times?

31. Bat ears

Perfect for pretending to be Batman.

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