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    The 20 Most Essential Items In Your '90s Beauty Kit

    Your Calgon body spray, Lip Smackers, and watermelon body glitter all fit neatly inside a Caboodle.

    1. You wouldn't dream of hitting the pool without your Sun-In.

    2. Mood lipstick basically never worked, but you loved it anyway.

    3. When it came to sparkly eyeshadow, Jane was the only game in town.

    4. Your signature scent had the power to "take me away!"

    5. Unless, of course, you wore CK One.

    6. You had your favorite flavor of this and ignored the existence of all the others.

    7. You used your mom's Clinique three-step system behind her back whenever possible...

    8. ...but more often, you were stuck with these.

    9. Burgundy-brown lipstick and liner were always en vogue.

    10. But for really special occasions, you busted out your clear Mac Lipglass.

    11. Every hairstyle was enhanced by this dream styling elixir.

    12. Body glitter was a must.

    13. This picture came with you every time you went to the hair salon.

    14. And at home, your crimper was your most prized hair styling tool.

    15. Frosted eyeshadow was your jam.

    16. Why would you ever do your nails with anything but this?

    17. Except if you were lucky enough to have a bottle of this.

    18. Butterfly clips were essential when it came to stylishly holding back your hair.

    19. And you had a scrunchie in every color of the rainbow.

    20. And you could fit everything you needed and more in your Caboodle with ease.