The 20 Most Essential Items In Your ’90s Beauty Kit

Your Calgon body spray, Lip Smackers, and watermelon body glitter all fit neatly inside a Caboodle.

1. You wouldn’t dream of hitting the pool without your Sun-In.

OK, so it turned your hair orange EVERY SINGLE TIME. You still held out hope that one day, it would give you the perfect sun-kissed blonde it promised.

2. Mood lipstick basically never worked, but you loved it anyway.

It always just turned this weirdly waxy, unflattering red, but come on — green lipstick that was supposed to transform to match your innermost emotions! Too cool to pass up, or so you thought.

3. When it came to sparkly eyeshadow, Jane was the only game in town.

Oh, man, if you paired it with these double-bun pigtails, you were the hottest girl in the hallway for sure.

4. Your signature scent had the power to “take me away!”

Calgon made the most exotic fragrances imaginable, like “Hawaiian Ginger” and “Tahitian Orchid,” so you bought the matching body mist, shower gel, and lotion sets because you were just that ~worldly~.

5. Unless, of course, you wore CK One.

And made your significant other wear it too, because that was the very definition of ’90s romance.

6. You had your favorite flavor of this and ignored the existence of all the others.

Not pictured: Dr. Pepper, which was very important to a lot of us.

7. You used your mom’s Clinique three-step system behind her back whenever possible…

Although it should have been enough that she gave you some of her Clinique samples in the free travel pouches she got at Macy’s for buying this, you couldn’t resist using her soap too.

8. …but more often, you were stuck with these.

When they stung, it meant they were working! Rr..right?

9. Burgundy-brown lipstick and liner were always en vogue.

Wet ‘n’ Wild was your go-to, but as long as your lips were the color of old shoe leather, you didn’t really care which brand you used.

10. But for really special occasions, you busted out your clear Mac Lipglass.

If you went to a school dance in the ’90s, your photos very well might be overpowered by your blindingly glossy mouth.

11. Every hairstyle was enhanced by this dream styling elixir.

The higher the hair, etc. For a certain kind of girl, it was incredibly easy to go through multiple cans of Aqua-Net a week.

12. Body glitter was a must.

It rolled on like old-people deodorant and ideally smelled like watermelon, kiwi, or “cucumber melon” — what the hell was that ’90s fragrance combination about, by the way?

13. This picture came with you every time you went to the hair salon.

Just about everyone you knew had the Rachel at some point or another. Extra points for streaky highlights!

14. And at home, your crimper was your most prized hair styling tool.

SO FUNKY. You wouldn’t be caught dead at a special occasion with uncrimped hair.

15. Frosted eyeshadow was your jam.

Even more so when it was powder blue and applied up to your eyebrows. It’s called glamour.

16. Why would you ever do your nails with anything but this?

As with everything else in your ’90s makeup drawer, the sparklier, the better.

17. Except if you were lucky enough to have a bottle of this.

Chanel’s Vamp nail polish and lipstick was the very height of chicness for a solid few years, thanks in part to Uma Thurman wearing it in Pulp Fiction.

18. Butterfly clips were essential when it came to stylishly holding back your hair.

The more you had of these in your hair at once, the cooler you looked.

19. And you had a scrunchie in every color of the rainbow.

Because they were both functional and fly as hell, these went with just about everything in your ’90s wardrobe.

20. And you could fit everything you needed and more in your Caboodle with ease.

So many drawers and compartments! Face it, your makeup has never been as organized as it was in the ’90s, which was all thanks to this bad boy.

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