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    MGMT Gets Freaky With The NSA And Mysterious Reptilian Overlords In Their New Album Trailer

    There's all kinds of weird shit going on in this video for the band's forthcoming self-titled album.

    MGMT released a seven-minute short film to tease their new album MGMT, and it's odd, to say the least.

    It was written and directed by renowned video director Jordan Fish, who also made the brilliant choose-your-own-adventure video for Chairlift's "Met Before," and features bits of tracks from the band's self-titled third album.

    The video stars off all sexy and smoky before a possum attacks the lead singer, sounding strangely porcine in the process. Then, the band "practices" a pared-down '60s-ish pop track, then a bug appears, then the NSA is involved? Except there's also a REPTILE NSA that supersedes the regular government? I don't and can't even. All I know is that it visually keeps you on your toes. AND that it's hilarious and endearing to watch the MGMT guys consciously overact each and every one of their lines. There's a lot going on, and the narrative refuses to do what you expect it to at every single point in this video. You'll probably like it... just as long as you're not too afraid of conspiracy theories or snakes.