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    Let These '80s Pop Stars Teach You A Thing Or Two About Style

    From feathered bangs to legwarmers, it's called FASHION. Look it up sometime.

    1. Definitely wear your hair in a curled ear-length shag, a la Pat Benetar.

    2. Or, opt for Tiffany's hairsprayed-and-feathered curly bang situation.

    3. Wearing pink frosted lipstick and surrounding your entire eye area with gray pencil? A MUST!

    4. And one should take notes on anything Cyndi Lauper ever wore, really.

    5. Know what goes with everything? Hugenormous earrings and also this hat.

    6. So many important things happening with The Go-Gos, most notably the belts and socks with heels.

    7. Denim on denim? Totally classic, as demonstrated by Whitney Houston.

    8. Joan Jett's shoulder pads here = totally essential.

    9. Hitting the gym? Take a lesson from Olivia Newton-John's headband, leggings and leg warmers.

    10. Big hair goes amazingly well with equally big Janet Jackson-esque hoops, as it turns out.

    11. Sleeveless cocktail dresses? THE JAM. Just look at Annie Lennox.

    12. Tina Turner's leather elbow gloves are completely beyond, in the best way.

    13. And finally, of course, let's bow down to literally everything happening here with Madonna.