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Is Thom Yorke An Alien?

The evidence is inconclusive. But if he is, I bet his home planet is AWESOME.

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EXHIBIT A: His odd forms of communication seem to belong to a foreign life-form.


We, the human species, are not yet evolved enough to be able to understand this (although we certainly find it delightful).

And what other explanation could there be for this sunglasses/flower/choker combination besides that he is OF ANOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS?


Does this look like something that would make sense to a bona-fide human person? NO. IT DOES NOT.

It's understandable. This is certainly a lot to think about.


Aliens don't really walk among us, do they? Could Thom Yorke really just be a very special breed of human man? He looks pretty normal in this picture...

And this image pretty much screams "born from two human parents and not a pod on one of Jupiter's many moons."

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