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    Is Thom Yorke An Alien?

    The evidence is inconclusive. But if he is, I bet his home planet is AWESOME.

    There's something funny about Thom Yorke.


    No human could be this goddamned wonderful, you guys. Is Thom Yorke truly of this planet? It's time to blow the lid off this thing!!

    EXHIBIT A: His odd forms of communication seem to belong to a foreign life-form.


    We, the human species, are not yet evolved enough to be able to understand this (although we certainly find it delightful).

    EXHIBIT B: His habitat is strange and unlike the domiciles typically lived in by humans.


    That's not a house, Thom Yorke!!

    EXHIBIT C: His dance moves are a little too hypnotizing.


    Feeling like this GIF could actually be mind control; can't look away.

    Really, everything he does is transfixing. SUSPICIOUSLY SO, in fact.

    Also, pretty sure he's telekinetic?


    Just take a look at this picture of him controlling things with his alien brain. Pretty damning, eh?

    And what other explanation could there be for this sunglasses/flower/choker combination besides that he is OF ANOTHER CONSCIOUSNESS?


    Does this look like something that would make sense to a bona-fide human person? NO. IT DOES NOT.

    Given all this, your head might be exploding a little bit right now.


    Kind of having an ontological crisis, you guyz.

    It's understandable. This is certainly a lot to think about.


    Aliens don't really walk among us, do they? Could Thom Yorke really just be a very special breed of human man? He looks pretty normal in this picture...

    And this image pretty much screams "born from two human parents and not a pod on one of Jupiter's many moons."


    Aliens probably wouldn't look so similar to your coolest uncle, now would they?

    Wait...wait. This is ridiculous. Thom Yorke isn't an extraterrestrial, really.


    Believe it or not, this level of perfection comes from the human genome after all...probably.

    Sure, it can be hard to accept that his moves are so otherworldly...

    ...but the truth of the matter is that he's just an exceptional, exceptional man.


    Albeit a little bit of a weird one, but that's what makes him so great.

    And if he is an alien life form, let's just hope he's content hanging out on Earth for a long time to come.