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Here's Why The Riot Grrrl Movement Will Always Be Empowering

GIRLS TO THE FRONT, now and forever.

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First, let's put any questions you might have about what exactly the riot grrrl movement IS to bed.

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Since its beginnings in the 1990s, riot grrrl has aimed to empower, educate, and help women to feel less alienated by a society that can be discriminatory and hurtful to them.

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It encourages women to support one another instead of competing with each other in order to help them both in their individual relationships and on the whole.

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It challenges not only big-deal gendered sociopolitical issues, but also examples of everyday sexism faced by women, like street harassment.

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It encourages women to take a more comfortable ownership of their bodies instead of feeling ashamed of them.

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It offers support and validation to women and tries to help make their experiences feel valid and real.

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It has the power to turn hatred into celebration and love.

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Really, when it comes to riot grrrl, the message all comes down to this:

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And you better believe it.

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