Elton John Is The Ultimate Pop Style Icon

He made a Donald Duck suit fashionable, for God’s sake.

1. Let’s begin with a celebration of Elton’s endless collection of bonkers glasses.

2. By God, the SPECTACLES on this man!

3. He knows how to accessorize, both with brooches and people.

Just LOOK at him casually outdressing both Marc Bolan and Ringo Starr, a task I thought impossible until I saw this photo.

4. He even outshone Miss Piggy!

And was maybe the only person in history to do so.

5. Even his most laid-back looks are effortlessly glamorous.

6. But lord knows he can also work the hell out of a silk bowtie.


7. Elton is literally the only person on Earth capable of making a fedora look cool.

Warning: This is a professional on a closed circuit. Do not attempt this look at home.

8. And I mean, just try to take in every single thing happening here and try to argue that Elton isn’t a golden god.

Like, literally and figuratively. Look at him SHINE.

9. You must admit, the man certainly has an eye for glitz…

10. …but also maintains an excellent sartorial sense of humor, as demonstrated in his legendary Donald Duck suit.

My hero.

11. And don’t even try to be all, “He was only stylish when he was younger!” BECAUSE YA WRONG.

You see, our darling Rocket Man is a KNIGHT these days, so he has to dress a bit more conservatively now, is all.


Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

13. And EVERYTHING about this suit is flawless, but the shoes! Especially breathtaking.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

14. We can take comfort in knowing Elton will never, ever leave his pink glitter days behind.

David Moir / Reuters

Thank goodness, right?

15. The pictures have spoken: Sir Elton John is a legend. Let’s just take one final second to bask in his stylish majesty.

Oh, Elton. Your mere existence is a gift bestowed onto the whole wide world, and we really couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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