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    37 Totally Bizarro Covers Of Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop"

    A Mabson Enterprises compilation is about that whacked out remix life, including a supremely awesome one by Dan Deacon.

    Have you ever wanted to hear Miley chopped, screwed, stretched, pulled, and mixed with Evanescence?


    Well, LOOK NO FURTHER, because this batty and occasionally totally brilliant compilation does everything to "We Can't Stop" that it's possible to do to a song. 37 different artists go buck on the track, creating new versions that are ethereal, fucked, fuzzy, headache-y, silly, and always butt-centric.

    Some are only tangentially related to the song, like Peter Moran's "We Just Talked," while others are straight-up covers, like the opening track by Whisperkid, but they're all fascinating. Get to working (twerking?) through this interesting little curio of summer 2013.