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    22 Top-Down Jams You Should Blast This Summer

    Step one: Get in your whip and roll the windows all the way down. Step two: Put on this playlist and get ready for the best summer ever.

    Oh, man. This summer's going to be so awesome.

    Driving to the beach is just as fun as actually getting there when you have the right soundtrack. And the whole point of road trips is blasting music in the car! Bring along this perfect blend of psych-rock, '90s rap, monster pop hits, and chillwave as you roll the windows all the way down and you're basically guaranteed the perfect summery ride. All you have to do now is take your shirt off, turn your speakers all the way up, and bliss the fuck out.

    Because who wouldn't want to enjoy the warm weather with a little Janet Jackson?


    Boring people, mostly.

    Know and trust that these guys would never steer you wrong, fun-wise.


    Beastie Boys have this special power where it's pretty impossible to have a bad time while listening to them.

    And you're already well aware that "Gin and Juice" speaks to the very essence of summer.



    Beyoncé will inspire you to make every trip an adventure.


    Yes, girl, thanks to you!

    And any car trip worth taking includes a Hall & Oates singalong.



    Talking Heads are the ultimate travel-enhancing band.


    Sidebar: Please allow yourself a moment to admire David Byrne's very special hat.

    And you know you're so down to round out your soundtrack with "Hungry Like the Wolf."


    Duran² are the ultimate harbingers of stupid-great pop joy.

    Here's a Rdio playlist featuring these kings and queens of the road, plus many more:

    And just in case you're more of a Spotify type:

    Now get in your whip and enjoy the sun!