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    18 Examples Of Weird And Wonderful Band Merchandise

    From weed grinders to Snuggies to condoms, these musicians went WAY beyond simple t-shirts and hoodies.

    1. Slayer holiday sweater

    2. Kiss kasket

    3. Mastodon "asstodon" shorts

    4. Wavves weed grinder

    5. Weezer Snuggie

    6. AC/DC grill mitt

    7. Ween coloring book

    8. Feist music box

    9. One Direction toothbrush and toothpaste

    10. Morrissey pillowcase

    11. Pixies cycling jersey

    12. "Weird Al" Yankovic trading cards

    13. Tenacious D cum rag

    14. Dr. Dre magnetic refrigerator poetry

    15. Rolling Stones skis

    16. Justin Bieber shower curtain

    17. U2 condoms

    18. And, of course, the Rammstein dildo kit.