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17 Easy Ways To Make Your Lips Look Perfect

Whether you're trying to pull off a bold red or just tired of your everyday color feathering, you'll never leave the house with lackluster lips again.

1. Transform any lipstick into a longwearing one.

2. Bored of regular ol' lip colors? Try an ombre look.

3. Or go for a striking matte lip.

4. You can also apply blush on top of any lip color to make it matte.

5. Get perfect red lips that don't require constant upkeep.

6. But pick the right red for your skin tone beforehand.

7. Use a clear lip liner to keep color in place.

8. Get a seasonal look by blending products.

9. Use Kool-Aid to make a surprisingly foolproof stain.

10. Use gold glitter to make any shade metallic.

11. Channel the '90s with this frosted effect.

12. Make uneven lips symmetrical with liner.

13. In fact, you can make your lips take any form you please with ease.

14. Use white eyeliner for a super-pale effect.

15. Add volume to your lips with shimmer powder.

16. Or color outside the lines in order to fake a fuller mouth.

17. Go all in and try getting super dark.