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    16 Disappointing Pinterest Beauty Fails

    Turns out those "no-heat curls" aren't actually that easy in reality.

    1. Anyone who's attempted a "three-step updo!" knows this pain.

    2. A French manicure featuring Wite-Out and mustaches is the definition of GLAMOR.

    3. Pinterest: Where even putting your hair in a bun is mad complicated.

    4. This Kool-Aid lip stain may taste good, but in reality, it looks like an inflammation of the skin.

    5. These ARE certainly colorful, at least.

    6. Modern sophistication at its finest. Pinterest hair, why you so impossible?

    7. This one reminds me a little bit of spaghetti squash, which I never thought I'd say about a manicure. Points for originality!

    8. I know I'll never be a Pinterest hair girl because the one on the right actually still looks cute to me?


    9. Honey, just go ahead and eat those off.

    10. This one didn't even bother with the proper colors of the USA. BLACK FLAG FOREVER

    11. Yet another "easy braided curls" lie.

    12. I don't...what? What is even happening here?

    13. Dag, this makes me uncomfortable just looking at it.

    14. Loving these totally flirty curls. DATE NIGHT IDEA!

    15. More botched patriotism, British style.

    16. The promise of a swirled/marbled manicure has swindled many a Pinterester. When will the madness end???

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