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14 Incredibly Simple Ways To Organize Your Makeup

Admit it: your makeup storage is kind of horrific. Use these easy tricks to help your lipsticks find a proper home at last.

1. Find a place for each kind of product and stick to it.

2. Fill a votive holder with coffee beans and keep your brushes in it.

3. Magnetize it.

You can even frame it if you like.

4. Put everything out in the open where you can see it.

5. Deconstruct and decoupage old boxes.

6. You can also make a whole chest of cardboard drawers.

7. Hang your products up and reclaim your precious bathroom counter space.

8. Sew a little sleeping bag for your brushes.

9. Or contain them in gold.

10. Divide (and conquer) your drawers.

11. Hanging organizer + makeup = genius.

12. Use a magazine rack to bring order to stacks of big palettes.

13. Use a bead organizer to straighten stuff up.

14. And if all of this still seems like too much to manage, there's always this classic.

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