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13 Simple Hacks For Enjoying Music So Much More

DIY a floating waterproof speaker, find the track you can't get out of your head, and banish tangled headphones from your life forevermore!

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3. Use MusicSmasher to find exactly what you're looking (or listening) for.


MusicSmasher tells you which online streaming services have the song you're itching to hear, which takes out the guesswork of having to look for them on each individual platform.

4. Layer any song with rain sounds to make it that much more peaceful.

And Rainy Mood has got your back even on the sunniest of days. Just leave it open in your browser to add a little atmosphere to your music.

5. Turn up the volume on your phone with a simple drinking glass.


It creates an echo that will make your phone speakers substantially louder than they would be on their own. Smart!

7. And if you want a more high-def sound, DIY this speaker for about one measly dollar.

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The first tool you'll need is a penny. Check out the rest above.

10. Keep your headphones squeaky clean.


While you obviously don't want to submerge them in water, using a little soap-and-water solution on a cloth to wipe them down every so often will noticeably improve their sound quality.

11. Listen to music in the pool with a homemade waterproof speaker.


While it's not the cutest thing on the planet, it's definitely DIY-able. Find out how to create this mutant hybrid of an economy-size condiment container and a speaker here.

13. Make your very own cheapo WiFi radio.

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The perfect DIY for those who are especially attached to their Spotify and Rdio playlists.

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