12 Sweet DIY Instruments For Cash-Strapped Musicians

    It's time to throw away your rubber-banded tissue boxes, you guys. These homemade music-makers are the real deal.

    1. Make tiny finger bells with a washer and some dowels.

    2. You know how amazingly cool theremins are, right? So why not make your own?

    3. Or forgo tricky wiring and make your own mbira, or thumb piano, from screws and scrap metal.

    4. Too broke to buy a guitar? Make a mini one out of a cigar box.

    5. You can use similar materials to make some seriously cool-looking ukuleles.

    6. Use old floppy disks to make this cool-sounding percussive instrument.

    7. Make a crazy affordable bite-size banjo if you're feeling folksy.

    8. Know what would sound great with that? This washtub bass.

    9. If you have a small living space, practice the drums on this homemade percussion pad.

    10. If you're about function over aesthetics, get to work on these ugly, but surprisingly effective, PVC flutes.

    11. For a more involved project, DIY a fully-personalized sequencer.

    12. If you're lusting after a pricey fuzz pedal, try doing it yourself.

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    Congratulations, you're now ready to go forth and shred.