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12 Reasons You Can't Live Without Your False Eyelashes


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2. When people ask you, "Isn't putting them on hard?!" you're like *shrug.*

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Putting on your lashes is second nature at this point. It feels like someone is asking you if it's "hard" or "takes a lot of time" to tie your shoes or something.

4. Your roommate has mistaken an errant lash strip for a spider on more than one occasion.

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Sometimes these wind up in unfortunate places, like the bathroom floor, where one might understandably mistake them for an arachnid. Sorry!!! At least it wasn't a real spider?

6. You understand how dumb this sentiment is.

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OK, so, let's just review here: It's superficial that I like my eyes to look a certain way, but if my purse isn't up to snuff, I should be ashamed of that? How about, instead, we decide to be cool with people wearing and doing what makes them happy?

9. This is your face every year on October 30th.

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You forgot to stock up before all the Halloweeners stormed the drugstore and cleaned out the eyelash section for their costumes! HALLOWEEN IS SCARY AFTER ALL.

12. Some people are all, "Well, I only like them for special occasions." And you agree, because you believe EVERY DAY is a special occasion!

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