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11 Hellbeast Hybrids Made By Animals And Album Sleeves

Sleeveface is a fun game where you try to line up your own body with a picture of someone on an album cover. But when animals play it, they look like lab experiments gone horribly, horribly wrong.

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1. This cat/hellhound comes courtesy of Iron and Wine and a ginger boy.


Imagine waking up to this cuddling you and licking you awake while it stares at you lovingly with its horrible yellow eyes. Shudder.

2. And this sensual Phil Collins dog is just dark.


Look at it. It knows you hate it and it doesn't care and it is going to follow you wherever you go for the rest of your life. There is no running away from Collinsdog.


10. Try not to be unnerved by the sensual gaze of the Sheryl Crow spaniel.

Via Flickr: therealwineguy

The black and white is a nice (read: horrible) touch here. Unfocus your eyes a little bit for extra shuddering!


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