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Common Mistakes When Choosing An Electric Shaver

Feeling scruffy and need a good shave? It might be time to get an electric shaver. It can be a good long term investment if you purchase the right device. In order to get the right electric shaver, you should avoid these common mistakes that consumers often make when purchasing one.

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Picking An Electric Shaver Based Solely On Price

Sure, that cheap electric shaver might seem alluring, but the end result will be anything but. Cheap electric shavers are often made with insufficient materials and frankly, just don’t shave that well. Even if you find an inexpensive electric shaver that does an okay job, chances are it won’t last very long. When it comes to saving money, don’t try to do so when purchasing an electric shaver. This is an area where you should invest a little bit of money to get a good shaver that will last you for years to come. Now you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on an electric shaver, but you need to make sure that you buy the best electric shaver you can with the money you have. You can read more about electric shavers here:

Getting The Wrong Type Of Electric Shaver

When choosing an electric shaver you need to take into account what you want it to do. If you have longer hair that needs to be trimmed often, pick a more heavy duty model that can handle shaving a large amount of hair at once. If you have skin that is sensitive, make sure the shaver you choose is gentle enough to not irritate your skin. For those that travel often, make sure the shaver you choose has the option to use a disposable battery or is rechargeable. Always do your research to determine the best type of electric shaver for your needs before making a purchase.

Not Knowing The Difference Between A Foil And Rotary Electric Shaver

There are two types of electric shavers to choose from: foil and rotary. Foil shavers emulate the motion of a manual razor blade with a back and forth motion.The blades are covered with a perforated foil that has small slots in it that allow the hair to go through them and be cut by the blades. This type of razor is good for men that shave every day. Rotary shavers have two or three heads that rotate. They are great for hair that is unruly or long. It can easily cut stubble and will contours to the shape of the face easier than the foil shavers.

Purchasing An Electric Shaver Without A Warranty

It doesn’t matter if you get the most expensive or highest rated shaver on the market, things can happen. Electric shavers can be defective and parts can break. Because of this, it’s important to buy an electric shaver that has a warranty. Even if you have to pay extra for it, this small price is worth it as it can save you a lot of money in the end if your electric shaver does need to be repaired or replaced.

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