17 Things You Actually, Kinda, Sorta Miss About School

Friends? Yes. Homework? No. Hey, it’s not all bad, especially when you’re equipped with the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon for the new school year.

1. Spontaneous dorm parties.

Who invited the RA?

2. Asking someone to homecoming.

Island Records / Via -illuminati0n.tumblr.com

It’s nice when they say yes, too.

3. The dances.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment / Via televandalist.com

<(‘-‘<) ^(’ - ‘)^ (>’-‘)>

4. The pranks.

Seriously, who hasn’t seen the old chicken costume gag?

5. Taking a nap ANYWHERE.

Class: check. Library: check. Cafeteria: check.

6. Going to class in sweats or pajamas.

And no, not just on Pajama Day.

7. That unlimited meal plan.

Baby carrots for dayyyys (semesters).

8. The books in English you actually liked reading.

Sorry, SparkNotes.

9. Hanging out at the library…

New Line Cinema / Via mercurieux.tumblr.com

“Yes, I’ll sleep in this aisle, Nonfiction 291.1 - 334.”

10. …if only to print something from the computer lab.

And yet, somehow there’s never a stapler.

11. Winning a spot on the dean’s list or honor roll.

Hey, even perfect attendance is something.

12. Making your own schedule — without morning classes.


And no night classes either. Or Friday classes. Or classes.

13. Finding out the seating chart puts you next to your crush.

C’mon, group projects!

14. Going to various campus events just for the free pizza…

“Question: Will the student legislature start subsidizing extra cheese?”

15. …then heading to the wellness center to work off that last slice.

Pain is just pepperoni leaving the body.

16. Actually looking forward to the weekend.

In the summer, every day is the weekend.

17. And a routine and general purpose in life.


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