The 9 Absolute Worst Times For Your Phone To Die

Your phone couldn’t have picked a better time to power down. Fortunately, you can avoid scenarios like these with 50% off new smartphones from Verizon — America’s Largest and Most Reliable Network.

1. When trying to navigate out of that creepy forest.

yonnis / Via

2. During a phone interview with the only company that responded to your resume.

Nanagyei / Via Flickr: nanagyei

Here’s to living with mom and dad for another year.

3. At 3 A.M. when you realize you are locked out of your apartment.

Travis Mortz / Via Flickr: photosbytravis

The convenience store wasn’t even open either. Fail.

4. On an 8 hour road trip with the in-laws.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

Candy Crush was your only hope, and now it’s gone.

5. When that cute girl was trying to give you her number.

The ONE time you had the nerve to ask for her number…

6. When you get separated from your friends at a music festival.

At least it’s easy to make new friends at these things, right?

7. When you realize you don’t know anyone at this party.

8. When you’ve been on hold with customer service for 30 minutes and someone is finally available.

timparkinson / Via Flickr: timparkinson

Hell hath no greater fury…

9. And of course, when your easily worried mom texts you.

Give it another hour and she will probably call the police.

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