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11 Embarrassing School Moments That Are Awesome Now

School is essentially a series of embarrassing moments occasionally interrupted by class — but don't let outdated technology embarrass you! Get the latest back-to-school deals on Smartphones and Tablets from Verizon.

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1. Wearing those big framed glasses.

femaletrumpet02 / Flickr (CC BY http://2.0) / Flickr: femaletrumpet02

Back in the day, they called you "four-eyes." Today, those same bullies are waiting outside of Warby Parker for four hours for the same frames.

2. Being dropped off / picked up.

When you were in school, you used to ask your parents to drop you off a block away from wherever you were going. Today, you would prefer it if your ride drove into the restaurant you're at, picked you up, and dropped you off in the middle of your living room.

3. The cute lunches your parents used to pack for you...

Remember turning down your mom's homemade bagged lunch full of nutrition and love in exchange for five dollars so you could pay your school for greasy pizza and sugary sodas? Nowadays, we're lucky if we're able to pack a granola bar in our pocket before we rush to work.

4. ...and the even more adorable notes that came with them.

CJ Sorg / Flickr (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: cjsorg

Ugh! Mom! Dad! How DARE you try to brighten up our day? Don't you know the cool kids think love is lame?! Admit it: Nowadays, if someone surprised you with a cute note in your lunch, you might happy-cry at your desk.

5. Having a crush on someone, or someone having a crush on you.

Your friends used to taunt you if someone had a crush on you and were even more relentless if they found out that you liked that person back. It takes a few more years to realize that having a crush is one of the best/giddiest feelings!

6. Excelling at something that's not sports.

abbamouse/ Flickr (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Flickr: abbamouse

Whether it was the spelling bee or chess, your peers just never seemed to see that you put the c-o-o-l in "after-school activities." But now look at that resume! It's almost as impressive as your trophy room (yeah, you need a whole room)!

7. Having read the book.

Even if you actually read the assigned homework when you were in school, you might not have raised your hand in class so that you wouldn't come off as "nerdy." As an adult, reading in public makes you look smart and sexy. You'll also be inducted into an elite group of people who read the book before it's turned into a movie.

8. Being the tall one.

BuzzFeed / Lily A.

Remember all the awkward squats and poses you contorted yourself into to try and hide your height when you were a kid? Bet you never imagined that your stature would make you stand out in the crowd in a positive way.

9. Being the youngest person in your friend group.

Sure, you were the last one of your friends to learn how to drive and get into R-rated movies, but being the oldest isn't a treat forever. No 39-year-old is in a rush to turn 40.

11. And your parents enthusiastically cheering for you at your game or performance.

As a kid, any little victory was accompanied by a paralyzingly embarrassing reaction from your parents. Too bad that kind of enthusiasm goes away when you start talking about going to grad school...