9 Ways We Have All Used Our Phones To Appear Smarter

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1. Making a dinner reservation that you meant to call in weeks ago.

Gabriel Whaley

No one will be any the wiser.

2. Having a great first date because you researched her Facebook interests beforehand.

She doesn’t have to know that you actually have very little in common with her.

3. Looking up a word your crush used in that last text so you don’t seem completely ignorant.

The JH Photography / Via Flickr: jason_photos

A cruciverbalist is someone who loves crosswords. Who knew?

4. Crafting insightful statuses so that your friends revel in your wisdom.

micurs / Via Flickr: micurs

These statuses go particularly well with obscure and well-filtered sunset photos.

5. Fooling your friends into thinking you are well-traveled with a carefully “refined” selfie.

Via Gabriel Whaley

Waste no time sharing this awesomeness. With Droid Zap, you can share your photos with a single swipe.

6. Never forgetting where you parked your car because you took a photo.

Grant Wickes / Via Flickr: grantwickes

Every. Row. Looks. The. Same.

7. Managing to juggle more priorities than should be humanly possible.

eughhowell / Via eughhowell.tumblr.com

Just don’t tell anyone about your Voice-activated Touchless Control that allows you to use your Droid while your hands are occupied with everything else.

8. Making it seem like you know multiple languages.

DanieVDM / Via Flickr: dvdmerwe

Hey, being able to ask for directions to the bathroom is important to know in as many languages as possible.

9. Using Shazam to find the name of that song that no one can figure out.

breekaysounds / Via instagram.com

A great way to instantly become a hero among your friends.

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