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11 Ways To Hint At What You Really Want For The Holidays

Because being straightforward is SO overrated. Whether it's that new sweater or perhaps a new Verizon phone, there has to be a better way to let our loved ones know what we want instead of just asking, right?

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2. Need some sweet new headphones?


Just blare music on your speakers whenever your roommate is around and talk about how cool it is that you can both enjoy the music at the same time. Hopefully they can take a hint and get you what you need.

3. Your old straightener is in need of a replacement.


Continually use your sister's without her permission, and when she yells at you, simply yell back, "I WOULDN'T STEAL YOURS IF I HAD MY OWN!" Feel free to add additional insults as necessary.

4. Ready to upgrade that phone you got last year?

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Miss a few calls from your parents, then blame it on how your old phone just cannot keep up anymore. Be ready to follow up with suitable replacements while it's still fresh in their minds.

5. Your laptop from 2011 is no longer up to snuff.

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Ask your parents to use their laptop every chance you get, and blame the fact that you're living at home on not being able to apply to more jobs online.

11. You're the only one without a tablet. Time for that to change.

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Hog the television during all the big games your roommates want to watch. They'll eventually become desperate and get you a tablet so that you leave the big screen alone.