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Paid PostDec 22, 2015

We Got A Psychic To Predict What We'll Get For Christmas This Year

What do the cards have in store?

Meet Arthur:

Arthur Lipp-Bonewits is a New York-based tarot reader, astrologer, angel medium, and psychic.

We invited Arthur into our office to predict our holiday fortunes.

He designed a tarot session with the specific purpose of finding out ~spiritual~ information about our Christmas gifts.

Before we could begin, we each had to take deep cleansing breaths.

Backs straight and feet planted firmly on the floor.

Next we had to pick two cards: one that would reveal the reason for the gift, and the other the gift giver.

Then four cards were chosen to explore the actual gifts.

Darris's gift won't be ready until the new year.

Darris was slightly disappointed to learn that he won't be getting anything special until the holidays are technically over.

Arthur proposed that the reason for the delay will be because the gift giver will be making the present by hand. He described the gift giver's process as similar to an artist or painter, who paints and repaints to make sure things are perfect. Darris felt that this perfectly described someone in his life, but that the whole thing was very ~weird~.

Angela might be getting a house.

Angela's cards revealed that her gift may cost her something!

Arthur read that Angela could be getting something big, shiny, and expensive that she couldn't afford to purchase for herself from someone important in her life (like her mom). But apparently there will be strings attached! Arthur predicted that Angela's mom misses her dearly and will guilt trip her daughter over the holidays to move back home. Arthur proposed a gift like a house that's close to home would make perfect sense.

Fred may or may not get kidnapped while on vacation.

Although Fred's reading revealed that his gift would most likely be boring and expected, he had bigger concerns on his mind.

Arthur swore up and down that Fred would not get kidnapped while on his upcoming vacation, but just to be sure he asked Fred to pull one more card. He pulled a card that usually signifies danger coming to an end. Arthur surmised that the most danger Fred would be in while traveling would be the emotional danger and pain of eventually having to leave and return to work in dreary NYC.

But Hannah's gift will be all about love.

Hannah's first card revealed that she has the tendency to love without bounds when in a relationship.

Her second card revealed that the gift will be coming from an older, financially stable woman on whom she can rely for those expensive gifts she can't get herself (maybe her mom). Finally, all of the cards together hinted that Hannah will get a couples getaway or vacation of sorts that will help bring her and her man closer together.

Although Arthur may not have been able to predict what the gifts will literally be, we think his predictions of how they'll have an emotional impact on us were much more interesting.

Visit Arthur's website to schedule a reading next time you're in the Big Apple.

Photography by Lennon© BuzzFeed.

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