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14 Things You Most Definitely Need To Do During Las Fiestas


1. Wear an outfit so bomb people pass out upon seeing your exquisite self.

2. Decorate the heck out of everyone and everything.

3. Let the holiday spirit just take over. Just let it possess your entire body.

4. Just, you know, get really into it.

5. Sprint to the dining table upon smelling pernil.

6. Break out your most incredible dance moves on Nochebuena.

7. And have a dance-off with one of your tías, 'cause obviously.

8. Eat as many tamales as your heart desires.

9. Munch on a big ol' slice of rosca.

10. Don't worry about gaining a kilito or two.

11. Let your sobrinitos open their presents early and when asked about it act like you don't know how it happened.

12. Prank the fam. You know, just have a little fun.

13. Make someone happy with a thoughtful present. <3

14. And remember to enjoy your loved ones, no matter how loud and crazy they are. :)

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