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Paid PostFeb 6, 2018

10 Valentine's Gifts For People Who Need Tech Accessories

Verizon sells a bunch of amazing tech products, guys! Share the love this Valentine's Day with these cool accessories and more.

1. Immortalize every romantic moment with a mobile printer.

This Lifeprint 2x3 Photo and Video Printer is on sale now for just $99.99 (it was $129.99).

2. Get your music lover a voice-activated speaker.

This JBL Link 10 Voice-Activated Speaker is on sale for $99.99 (it was $149.99).

3. Or add to their collection with a multi-room speaker.

This JBL Link 20 is on sale for $149.99 (it was $199.99).

4. Show you care about their heart with some fitness tech.

This Fitbit Charge 2 is on sale for $119.99 (it was $149.99).

5. Fill their world with romantic sounds using wireless headphones.

These BeatsX Earphones are on sale for $119.99 (they were &149.99).

6. Bring your love into the future with a sweet wireless charger.

This mophie Wireless Charging Base goes for $59.99.

7. A phone case is the perfect way to say, "Loved ones don't let loved ones smash their phones to bits."

This sleek Pixel2 XL Incipio DualPro Case goes for $29.99.

8. Get this fancy case for the Valentine who is in need of an elegant upgrade.

This Kate Spade New York Flexible Hardshell Case goes for $49.99.

9. Give the gift of endless power with a fancy portable battery.

This mophie powerstation 6000 is $49.99.

10. Remember: Nothing says "I love you enough to get you the coolest new smart devices" like the coolest new smart devices.

This Google Home Mini is only $49.99!

Images from Verizon.

Pick up some killer tech accessories at the Verizon Store. It's a great place to buy the best gifts this Valentine's Day!